• Hello, my name is Jennifer Goldin.  I am thrilled to be teaching here at Northwest Guilford High School.  This is my 24th year in the teaching field.  I am originally from Long Island, New York. My husband and I moved down to North Carolina about 16 years ago with our two children.  I am a big fan of the New York Giants and New York Islanders.  I am an avid reader, love to travel, and of course LOVE Mathematics.  I have a wide range of teaching experience.  I have taught in the elementary school setting for 19 of my 22 years of teaching.  I have taught 9 years in New York and 10 years at Oak Ridge Elementary School.  During those elementary school years, I have taught, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, as well as teaching the Academically Gifted in Math for grades 3-5.  For three years, I taught Middle School Mathematics; Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and High School Geometry, at the Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, here in Greensboro.  I am in year 2 here at Northwest!  This year, I will be teaching Foundations of Mathematics 1, Math 1, and Math 2.  We are going to have an amazing year in math.  I am always here to assist you with whatever questions you may have.  Let's go make this the best year yet!!!


    My daily 2018/2019 schedule is as follows:

    Period 1: Foundations of Math 1

    Period 2: Math 1

    Period 3: Honors Math 2

    Period 4: Planning

    Period 5: Foundations of Math 1

    Period 6: Math 1


    PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR Class REMIND:  This is going to be one of our main ways of communicating during this time.....All codes have been listed on my Home Pages for each Course on Canvas as well.

    Period 1- Foundations of Math 1: @c9hdek

    Period 2- Math 1: @math1pei

    Period 3- Honors Math 2: @ffc3bd

    Period 5- Foundations of Math 1: @6k7a28

    Period 6- Math 1: @c4hfh7


    This is a very uncertain time, myself, Mrs. Clayton, and Coach Frazier are always here to help.  Our emails are as follows:

    Mrs. Goldin - goldinj@gcsnc.com

    Mrs. Clayton - claytoa@gcsnc.com

    Coach Frazier - fraziet@gcsnc.com


    Sunday, March 22nd Update

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I hope you all have been having a good weekend and enjoying getting outdoors and spending valuable time with family.  Please remember to use social distancing to help protect yourself and others.  

    I have already loaded our lessons for FOM1, Math 1, and Honors Math 2, onto Canvas.  Lessons will NOT be published until midnight tonight!  Do not worry about having to stay up until midnight tonight to view them.  They will be available to you when you get up in the morning.  Please make sure you are able to access and are familiar with how to access your Course on Canvas.  There are tutorials that I have set up for you on each of my Homepages as well as there are Student and Parent tutorials on our Northwest Guilford HS and GCS websites.  Please access the Assignments that I have written out for all of you for your respective Courses.  ALL FOM1 and Math 1 classes are under the same Course.  Periods 1 and 5, will have the same assignments as well as Periods 2 and 6.  Mrs. Clayton, Coach Frazier, and I will be available to you during the times designated to you in your Assignment Page.  Math 2 Honors, you guys are by yourselves and again, I will be available during the time given to just you guys in your Assignment Page.  Please pay attention to directions and due dates for feedback, for all classes.  You might want to keep a journal or calendar of when items are due, not only for your math classes but for all of your classes!

    I am looking forward to interacting, teaching, and learning in this new way of Education!  Please be patient with us and of course, we will be patient with all of you as well learn in this new forum.  Remember, we are ALWAYS here for you and please do not hesitate to ask questions or express your concerns.  As we get familiar with all of what Canvas can do, we can add features for us to communicate.  Communication is Key!

    Stay well everyone and know that We Miss You Tons and Together we Will Overcome This.............



    A MAJOR Requirement for EACH of my classes is for EACH student to have their OWN TI-83 or TI84 Graphing Calculator.  


  • For ALL Classes:

    Your homework this week, is to make sure you know how to log into Power School and to find the Canvas App.  Once in Canvas, please find the Period(s) that you are in.  Click into the class and try to navigate around.   

    On Monday, March 23rd, you will begin to see assignments posted for you to do.  Assignments will have due dates on them, so please pay attention to those dates.  Assignments will need to be uploaded to Canvas by the due date either by a picture on your phone or by scanning it and uploading it into Canvas.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact me on Remind or by email and we will work something out.  

    If you are not on Remind, please see the codes above so that you can sign in and receive a message through that as well.  Please be sure to check Canvas EVERY DAY so that you know what the expectation for the day is for you.  The assignments will be for you to view/copy if you can, notes so that you can read through them, and or do practice problems for you to upload when you have completed them for grading.  

    Math is a core subject and you should look at assignments each morning.  Try to work on the math in the morning hours when you are at your freshest!  I will have a 2-3 hr window each day to answer questions if you have any.  If you are sick or have any challenges, please communicate with me.  

    Please be safe and practice all of the procedures that the CDC is suggesting in order to keep yourself and others healthy!  I'll miss you all!

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  • We have been developing plans for virtual learning for the past two weeks.  Sign-in information will be shared this week.


    How to Access Distance/Online Learning

    We will be using Canvas through the NCEdCloud that is accessed when you log into Power School.  This can be accessed through any tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device.  


    1. Please be sure to have/know your Student ID #.  I can help you with that if you do not know this number or you can call the main office.
    2. Go to NCEdCloud (http://ncedcloud.org)
    3. Type in your username/password
    4. Your Username will be your Power School Student ID
    5. Your Password: MMDDYYYY
    6. Click on the RED Canvas icon.
    7. Once on Canvas, look for your Course (Foundations of Math 1 (FOM1), Math 1, Math 2 Honors)  Click on the course(s) that you are in.
    8. Once inside of your course, Announcements, Attachments, Videos, and Assignments will be found under the topics of study that I will create for each course so that it is organized by Unit.


    We recognize that virtual learning will not take the place of or be of the same quality or quantity as our day-to-day instruction our students normally receive.  

    Thank you for your willingness to embrace this new challenge!

    We are exploring ways to provide devices to students who may not have a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  Once we have further information, we will share this with you.

    Spectrum has announced that it is providing internet connectivity, at NO CHARGE, for 60 days for students who qualify for free and reduced-priced meals.  You will need to go to Spectrum's website to sign up and read for further details.


    Again, we will provide more details in the upcoming days.  We appreciate your patience during this time.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  My email again is goldinj@gcsnc.com.  Please know that I will do my best to answer any questions as soon as possible. 

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  • Good Afternoon Everyone!

    We are working tirelessly to connect with our students and families in preparation of Monday, March 23rd's online instruction. Please know that next week's instruction will be dedicated to connecting with students by way of the Canvas platform.  On Monday, students will be able to log into their courses where they will find tutorials, review content, or practice skills.  Next week's assignments are NOT assessed for official grades on Powerschool.  It is vital that your student sign in and connect with their classes so that teachers can prepare them for what might come in the following weeks.  

    Please continue to encourage your child to connect with me through this website, email, or Remind, in the meantime.  

    Parent assistance for Canvas login information has been added to a banner on the GCS website in preparation for Monday, March 23rd.  There you can find instructions to download the mobile app, create an account, and how to log in.  There also includes video tutorials and Spanish resources.  On Monday morning, a student tutorial will be given on Canvas, once they log in for additional student information on how to use the Canvas platform.  

    NW has also been added as a Grab and Go site for meal pick up.  Hours are from 11 am until Noon, Monday through Friday, outside the NW cafeteria.  

    If you are in need to come up to the school for any reason, please call the front office to make an appointment before arriving at the school.  The building is open for appointments between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.  



    Today, I created a Google Voice account.  This is just another way of communicating via text or call.  Please text your questions first.  Do not call.  I will instruct you to call once we determine what is needed by text, if needed.  The phone number for using this app is as follows:


    Once again, please be patient as I have approximately 150 students and want to get to all of your as best as I can.  

    I hope that today finds you all well and please continue to follow the guidelines of our CDC.  We are all in this together and we shall overcome all of this.  Please know that I am here for each and every one of you! :)

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