• Principal's Connect Ed Message
    For Week of September 14th, 2020

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle School, with several important messages for the upcoming week.


    A reminder that 7th grade students are still required to have their updated immunizations completed by October 20th.  I will be communicating with families this week for those student’s who we still have not received documentation of the required immunization.  Please contact the front office if you have questions about the immunization requirements for 7th grade students or you can send the documentation directly to our data manager at hayesc@gcsnc.com .


    Be sure to drop off, mail, or send us your completed Free and Reduced lunch applications or visit www.lunchapplication.com to completed the application online.  Also, the USDA continued its school nutrition waiver which allows students to receive a free lunch.  Students or parents may pick up lunches at any GCS school between 11am-12pm. 


    Again, I want to thank everyone for another great week.  I know we moved into the remote learning schedule that included more live calls, so I appreciate all the effort that is going into making sure your student is available and engaged on those calls.  Unfortunately, just like we are all learning new information and strategies working remotely we learned that we need to take steps to keep our students information safer.  We had several live calls disrupted by individuals who gained access to calls by compromising other students NCEDCloud accounts.  In order to prevent others from gaining access to our student’s accounts and disrupting our live calls, we have directed all teachers to walk students through how to change their own passwords.  If your student has not already changed their password directions can be found attached to this email or found on our school website.  It is also important that students do not share their personal login information with other students. ***See above link to file demonstrating how to change password.


    Any parent or student interested in finding out more information about a 2022 Summer Trip with Mr. Myers, 8th grade social studies teacher, can use the attached form to be added to the distribution list.  Mr. Myers will be emailing those interested a link to a virtual meeting to learn more about the travel opportunity: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=H_vimqLeQ0yBlHYk_LuzDPeM4YxFyNNHtZ_0HaIYdO9UN1E4SUQ1N1YxQU84OEcyVTNTWVZVSThaUy4u


    Media center check out form for library books click here https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=H_vimqLeQ0yBlHYk_LuzDL8xZvHoaVRDsSy0-dsaHllUQTgyNUpRNVRZRzI4SVNIRlBOVjZXOVRCQy4u 


    Chess Club Interest Form: Chess Club


    Go Far Interest Form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=H_vimqLeQ0yBlHYk_LuzDNRBGx3ty8VKlDUI40NpZelUOUdQSVU3QUxEVFRBUEY3UzJMWjRIMlJPVS4u


    Thank you, and have a great evening.

    Special Messsage  - 9/10/2020-  Kiser is a Sat/Sun Internet Hub 

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle School, with an important announcement about the internet hub opportunity.


    On Saturday, September 12th and September 19th Kiser will be open to the first 30 students who need to utilize the building for internet access from 9am-12pm.  Students will need to bring their own device to use while at school, and also note that there will not be teachers available for instruction just time and space to utilize the internet access.  Students should be dropped off in the car rider line, which is behind the office building along the sidewalk.  Students will need to answer the screening questions, have their temperature taken, sign-in, and have face coverings on before being directed down to the Auxiliary Gym.  Students will also need to show either their school OneCard or a copy of their schedule in order to be allowed to stay on campus. 


    Middle and High School students will be allowed to stay and work without adult supervision; however, elementary school aged students will need to have a parent or older sibling stay with them during that time.


    Students should promptly be picked up at 12pm in the car rider line as well.


    Students who are not utilizing the time to work on assignments or not conducting themselves appropriately will be directed to call for their ride and asked to leave the building. 


    Thank you, and have a great evening. 

    September 7th, 2020

    Here is the connect ed for today….


    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W., principal of Kiser Middle, with several important announcements for the upcoming week.


    First, a reminder that tomorrow is Labor Day and there is no live or remote learning scheduled for tomorrow; unless, you still have assignments you have not completed from the first three weeks. 


    It was great to see many of you during our drive thru material pick up the last two weeks.  A reminder that if you did not come to pick up your materials please call the office to schedule an appointment to pick up your student’s materials. 


    On Tuesday students will begin to use the remote learning schedule attached to the email.  It is important that students try to attend as many of the live calls as possible.  I know we are still working hard to get devices and broadband access to all our students, so the sessions will be recorded so your student can watch if you do not have access.  The sessions are not being record as an alternative to attending the live sessions for those who are available, so please make every effort to attend and participate in every live session beginning this week.


    Again, please consider joining the PTA this year.  Even though the year may be different, the PTA still intends to support the students and teachers with many of their initiatives they have planned for the year.  The information to join the PTA or make a donation to the Raise Your Paws Campaign can be found here https://kiser.new.memberhub.store/store.


    Please utilize the following link to reserve your media center book from the Kiser library here https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=H_vimqLeQ0yBlHYk_LuzDL8xZvHoaVRDsSy0-dsaHllUQTgyNUpRNVRZRzI4SVNIRlBOVjZXOVRCQy4u.  Students who reserve a book by Friday will be able to pick it up the following Tuesday in the front office between 10am-2pm.


    If you intend to be volunteer through the school year please visit the GCS website and complete the volunteer registration form.  As the year continues, we will work on finding ways for our awesome volunteers to continue to help support our students.  Click the link here https://www.gcsvolunteers.com/


    Kiser has two opportunities to join clubs virtually at the beginning of the school year.  The Kiser Go Far club and the Chess club are both open to all students to join.  If you are interested in attending the first virtual club meeting to get more information about either club please use the following forms to complete the survey.


    Go Far https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=H_vimqLeQ0yBlHYk_LuzDNRBGx3ty8VKlDUI40NpZelUOUdQSVU3QUxEVFRBUEY3UzJMWjRIMlJPVS4u


    Chess Chess Club


    Finally, 8th grade students and parents be sure to text @kiser8thg to 81010 to receive reminders and alerts specific to 8th grade students from our counseling department throughout the year.  This will be very important as the students begin to complete their high school registration and four year plans.


    Thank you, and have a wonderful evening.

    Week of August 31st, 2020

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle, with several important announcements for the upcoming week.


    Students and parents, did you know that all students have access to Office365!  Office365 is a web-based software program that brings together OneDrive and includes access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more.  The students use their GCS email, which their studentid#@stu.gcsnc.com and then their date of birth as the password.


    8th grade Drive Through Materials pickup is Wednesday, September 2nd from 3-6pm in the front circle.  Students will receive workbooks, student agendas, forms, and more.  Also, don’t forget to bring some canned food items as we are continuing to raise food donations for Backpack Beginnings. 


    Any 6th and 7th grade student who did not come through the pick last Wednesday should call the office and make an appointment to come pick up their bag. 


    We continue to work on trying to distribute devices to our students.  We have quite a few students still on the waiting list, and we encourage those who have already called or emailed and have a device waiting to pick up the device by the end of the day Monday, August 31st.  After Monday, we will begin to distribute any devices not picked up to students on our waiting list. 


    GCS will begin to serve breakfast and lunch at each school between 11am-12pm.  Families may go to any GCS school to pick up a lunch.  Also, be sure to complete a free and reduced lunch application form at www.lunchapplication.com or return the paper copy that was in the material pick up bag.


    Finally, I want to thank everyone for their continued hard work and effort at getting adjusted to working remotely.  It is important that our students are attending their live calls and completing their work that has been assigned in Canvas.  The schedule for week 3 is attached to the email of the connect ed.  Parents, please help reinforce the importance of your student communicating and working to complete all their assignments.


    We will begin a new schedule beginning at Labor Day.  The schedule will be posted on our website this week and will be sent with next week’s connect ed.


    Thank you, and have a wonderful evening. 


    Teddy Wohlgemuth


    Week of August 24th, 2020

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle School, with several important announcements for the upcoming week. 


    First, I want to thank everyone for a great first week of school.  I know we had some unexpected challenges with Canvas and Microsoft Teams throughout the week, but we will continue to work on making sure students have access to the instruction and live calls as we move into the next couple of weeks.


    We want to invite everyone to visit the Kiser PTA and consider joining the PTA and making a contribution to the Raise Your Paws campaign.  The campaign is looking to raise $10,000 for the PTA to continue to support the teachers and different programs throughout the school year.  The funds will be utilized to fund teacher grants, PTA projects, beautification, staff appreciation, and much more.  Visit here https://www.kiserpta.org for more information!


    6th and 7th grade material pick up will be on Wednesday, August 26th.  Students will receive a packet that includes math workbooks, a student agenda, welcome information from teachers, and more.  The drive thru pick up will begin at 3pm and end at 6pm.  The materials for core classes will be available as parents drive thru the front circle, and select encore materials will be available in the back along the car rider line.  If you do not need encore materials the driveway will be open to proceed down to the exit.  Also, during the pick we will be collecting canned and dry goods to help restock the shelves at Back Pack Beginnings!  Back Pack Beginnings is a non-profit organization that provides meal back packs for students across Guilford County and at Kiser, as well as help stock local food pantries.  Their supplies are beginning to run desperately low, and we encourage you to bring a few items to drop off as you come through the line. 


    The 8th grade material pick up will be Wednesday, September 2nd from 3pm-6pm.


    I want to thank all those who participated in completing a GCS Summer Reading Log.  Be sure to click here form in order to enter your information to Mrs. Wasserman.  You can also find the form on Kiser Media Center Canvas page.  Entering your information will put you in a drawing rewards and prizes from GCS and Kiser!


    During the time of remote learning Kiser will continue to provide students access to the media center books for check out.  Students will learn how to use the Destiny during one of the Kiser modules with Mrs. Wasserman.  Students can use Destiny to check out books by Friday, and book pick up will be on Tuesdays between 10am-2pm. 


    Beginning September 1st Kiser will be offer lunch meal grab and go from the cafeteria.  It is important for students to be able participate that they complete a free and reduced lunch application at www.lunchapplication.com


    I know some of our students are still having trouble accessing Canvas.  We are trying to get students access as quickly as possible, but please know that while it typically only takes about 24 hours for students to be able to access the NCEDCloud once they are in PowerSchool, that it is taking closer to 48 or 72 hours.  We will continue to work with students who are experiencing delays in getting logged in, so they are not missing a lot of the content.


    Finally, the Week 2 schedule is attached to the connect ed and can be used to find important information including answers to frequently asked questions or you can contact me directly at my email at wohlgee@gcsnc.com


    Thank you, and have a great evening!


    August 17th, 2020

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle, with several important reminders for the upcoming week.


    I look forward to seeing our students tomorrow morning on the grade level town hall meetings.  The schedule is attached to the First Three Weeks Schedule attached to the email and posted on the Kiser website.  Kiser grade will meet at 9 am, 7th grade at 9:20 am, and 8th grade at 9:40 am.  I ask students to enter the Teams meeting on mute so everyone can hear as I briefly welcome the students back to school.  Following the Town Hall assemblies, the students will meet with their homeroom teachers at 10 am.  It is important that students quickly get back into a routine and understand the expectations for this year during remote learning will be much different than the spring.


    We also have a document on the school website that will help students who may not have access to Canvas.  It has links that should help them get to the content that GCS has pre-recorded for the first three weeks. 


    We have finalized the student schedules, and students should have access to both PowerSchool and Canvas in order to check for their schedules and see their class modules.  There are few students who may have been transitioned back to Kiser over the weekend that we need to work on getting a schedule completed and we will do so as soon as possible. 


    Families should call the front office if they are still in need of a device for the school year.  We will continue to make appointments for device pick at the office between 10am-2pm, and will work to get them the same day if possible. 


    Please take a few minutes and complete the Free and Reduced Lunch forms for the school year at www.lunchapplication.com.  Also, be sure to visit the GCS website for more information about meal sites and where the smart bus hotspots will be located. 


    The office phone is being answered remotely, so you can also email me directly for assistance at wohlgee@gcsnc.com.


    I am looking forward to an outstanding 2020-2021 school year and seeing our students on Microsoft Teams tomorrow morning to get the school year off to a great start. 


    Thank you, and have a great evening. 


    Special Message- Wednesday, August 13, 2020

    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle School, with some important updates for the opening of school.


    We have posted information about the first 3 weeks of school on the Kiser website this afternoon.  Please take time to access the schedule, so your student will know what to do in the first few weeks as we get started. 


    Your student’s homeroom teacher will be posting important information on their Canvas page including a link for a grade level opening session on Monday, August 17th


    I will be meeting with each grade level for a few minutes on Monday morning on Microsoft Teams before each student meets their homeroom teacher on Microsoft Teams at 10 am.  The link to the grade level assembly can be found in the schedule attached to this email, school website, and will be posted in Canvas.  Homeroom teachers will briefly review the schedule as well on the first day.   


    The schedule for remote learning for Weeks 4 through 9 will be coming soon.   


    Also, we have attached a document to the school website to help students log in to the various applications students will use during remote learning, including Canvas.  It is important to note that we have reset each Kiser student’s Canvas password to reflect being at Kiser.  The password is on the document on the school website.  I encourage all students to take some time each day to log in to Canvas before Monday, so they can make sure they have access and get ready for the first day of school. 


    Teachers will begin to send announcements using Canvas, the Kiser modules will be posted on Canvas through the Kiser Media Center page.


    Students will use their homeroom tab to complete the pre-recorded material the 1st 3 weeks except for the day they do their math work they will click on their math course. 


    The Kiser modules for remote learning are required to be viewed by all students; however, the live Q and A session at 11 am is optional for parents or students to attend to get more information.


    We are excited to let you know we have received 200 devices to distribute to students who need a device to complete their remote learning.  Please call the front office before Thursday at 4 pm to schedule an appointment time for device pick-up.  We will be setting up appointments over the next few days to give out before the start of school.  As you call to schedule your appointment to get your device we ask that you provide student name, ID (if you have it), grade level, date of birth, and phone number.  We are going to have devices ready to just “grab and go;” however, it could take 5 to 10 minutes to log in to the device on the school network before it will work correctly on another hotspot. 


    Finally, I know everyone is waiting for their student’s individual schedule, and we are work to have them finalized as soon as possible. 


    Thank you, and have a great evening!            


    Teddy Wohlgemuth


    Message for Week of  August 10th, 2020


    Good evening Tigers this is Mr. W, principal of Kiser Middle, with more updated information for the opening of the school year.


    First, please keep in mind that as we continue to finalize plans and receive information and guidance from the district we will continue to send information as quickly as possible so you know how to help support your student’s successful start to the school year.


    You will find attached below this message a welcome letter with important information.  The welcome letter will also be posted by the end of the day on the school website and on Facebook.  The welcome letter has important information specific to Kiser and also some general information from the district about the start of the school year and how to access other services for your student.    


    In order to maintain staff, student, and community safety and to stay in line with the state of North Carolina’s phase 2 gathering restrictions we will replace the Open House Night with individual student orientation sessions.  Your student’s homeroom teacher will be making contact with you to set up a time beginning August 24th through September 4 to have an orientation with your family.  Many of the orientation sessions will be conducted virtually, so be on the lookout for a virtual tour of the school and information about how to pick up consumable materials and resources. 


    I am excited to inform you that the district is in the process of purchasing a device to issue to all 4th through 12th-grade students during the year; however, due to increased demand across the country, we don’t expect delivery until well into the school year.  Therefore, we anticipate the technology department to bring us a limited number of devices to distribute to families who need one to access Canvas and other resources at the start of the year.  Once we have received the devices, we will send updated information about how to pick up a device.  Also, if you still have a device from last year, we highly recommend that you bring the device back to school so it can run updates on our network and can be checked out to you again. 


    During the 1st 3 weeks of school, we are focused on welcoming our students back to school, setting up a time to meet students and families, distributing materials, and having students complete the pre-recorded modules in Canvas..  After Labor Day the remote learning schedule will shift, and students will begin to receive their live instruction and assignments from Kiser teachers.


    On the first day of school, I invite all our students to join me on a Microsoft Teams call, so I can welcome everyone to the new school year, review the schedule, and get the year off to a great start.  A link to call will be available in Canvas and will be sent with the ConnectEd message next weekend.  As much as possible, we will be recording our live sessions this year for students who may need to view at a different time than scheduled for various reasons. 


    Again, I look forward to the opening of school and having a wonderful school year.


    Thank you, and have a great evening.


    Teddy Wohlgemuth


    See Below Attached Welcome Letter