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  • Mrs. Demetrice O’Neal

    A-Building, Room 104

    336-294-7325 ext. 1604


    Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences


    Course Description

    This middle school course is composed of instructional modules designed to provide instruction on basic Family and Consumer Sciences foundations and skills. The following seven modules are included: interpersonal relationships, personal finance and resource management, nutrition and wellness, food service and hospitality, early care and education, apparel and interior design.


    6TH Grade: Module 3-Nutrition and Wellness

    This module is designed to teach basic kitchen techniques, skills, and resources needed to design and make healthy food choices. Emphasis is on essential nutrients, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) dietary guidelines, basic kitchen tools, meal planning and preparation.


    7th Grade: Module 6- Apparel Design and Module 7- Interior Design

    These modules are designed to teach basic skills and techniques needed in Apparel; with emphasis on clothing choice, the elements of design and basic construction techniques. The interior design module will teach basic skills and techniques needed in Interior Design; with emphasis on the principles of design, sustainable design and management of living space.


    8th Grade: Module 4- Food Service and Hospitality and Module 2-Personal Finance and Resource Management

    This module is designed to teach basic food safety and sanitation, culinary techniques and skills needed in the food service and hospitality industry; with emphasis on safety and sanitation, culinary techniques and hospitality. The personal finance module is designed to teach basic financial literacy and resource management skills; with emphasis on financial responsibility and decision making, planning and money Management, credit and debt insurance, risk management, savings and investing.




    Grading System:

    Weighted Assignments

    A:            89.5-100

    1.       Classwork = 30%

    B:            79.5-89.4

    2.       Quizzes = 25%

    C:            69.5-79.4

    3.       Tests/Projects = 40%

    D:            59.5-69.4

    4.       Homework = 5%

    F:            0-59.4



    Supplies: (Students are required to bring their fully charged, tablets to class daily.)

    A section in their Binder or Individual Notebook

    Pencils & Pens (blue or black ink only)

    Access to Edmodo/Canvas

    2 Pocket Folder