• Supplies Needed for Class:

    1 - 2 pocket folder to stay in the classroom to organize your work.

    USB/Flash drive to backup / save your work on (at least an 8GB is recommended)

    Pencils / Pens - No RED Please.

    Student Planners should be with you DAILY!

    Optional Item: Personal Headphones you can use in class instead of the class headphones. 



    Classroom Wish List Items:


    Disinfecting Spray and/or Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer


    Our Class is always in need of the items mentioned above. Wish List Items are always appreciated.


    Guilford County Grading Scale

    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C = 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = 0-59

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  • GCS Reopening Goal:
    To serve the largest number of students for the greatest amount of time; while keeping staff and students safe. GCS will practice remote learning at least through October 20.

    Please access on line-curriculum through Canvas. You will need your student log-in information.



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