Welcome to my 6th grade math site. I am excited that you found your way here. I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students.

    "Getting to Know Ms. Bond"

    My name is Ms. Victoria Bond. It is my 17th year teaching in Guilford County and I am excited to be part of the Eastern Guilford Middle School Team. I began my teaching career in 1999 at Brooks Global Elementary School. I earned my Masters Degree in Education and I have an additional license in Academically Gifted Education. 

    I would like you to know that my top goals for this school year, is for your child to leave 6th grade thinking "this was the best year ever and I developed a great relationship with Ms. Bond!" Secondly, my goal is for your child to leave my class with a new found love and understanding of mathematics. 

    During the year, students will be given challenging tasks that are more relevant for the modern world and "spoon-fed" less. I will not be telling your child how to do the math. They will learn to choose, adapt, and use methods on their own. 

    Our county adopted Illustrative Mathematics. Each lesson begins with a warm up activity that allows your child to think and grow their brain. Please see the following link for more information. Illustrative Math Warm Ups

    Email: townesv@gcsnc.com

    Phone: (336) 449-4255 ext. 1655

    Contacting Me: The best way to contact me is with class dojo or via email. 




    Illustrative Mathematics: Grade 6 Curriculum

    Khan Academy for Illustrative Math Support


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