• Welcome to Ms. Turrubiartes web Page. This is my third year teaching at Ben L. Smith High School. I am happy to teach the students not only the Spanish language but also teach about the culture of Spanish speaking countries. The students can find more information on CANVAS.

    If you need help with anything at all, please feel free to email me at turruba@gcsnc.com or call/text my Google Voice number (336)740-9501.

    If you reach out to me via email about something that needs my attention with one of these classes, or one of the students enrolled in the class, it would be helpful for me if you would include the following labels in the 'subject' line of the email.

    For help with or questions about a topic related to a course, but not regarding a particular student, please title the email according to the class you are interested in using the following examples:

    Subject: Spanish I

    Subject: Spanish II

    Subject: Spanish IV

    For questions regarding the performance of particular students (IE: grades, updates, seeking tutoring, etc.) please title the email using the following examples:

    Subject: Last name, First Initial, Grade Level, Course Title

    Subject: Doe, J, 10, Spanish I

    Subject: Smith, B, 11, Spanish III

    This is a map with 20 countries and 1 territory shaded to represent them as Spanish speaking countries.


  • Hola estudiantes. This first day of school is new for all of us.

    Do not hesitate to e-mail, call or text with any questions, concerns, doubts or a simple greeting.

    I am here for you.

    -Maestra T

A. Turrubiartes