• Ms. Lyn Carlisle has been teaching since 1992. She majored in English and journalism at the University of Kentucky, and received her master's degree in English Education from NC State. Ms. Carlisle is delighted to be teaching English II at Grimsley.  Contact her at carlisl@gcsnc.com. SYLLABUS Link

    **** Guilford County schools has some issues with PDFs. I am working on that issue.

    IN THE MEANTIME ... if you need work, please email me at carlisl@gcsnc.com

    >>>>> Link to resources for MACBETH is HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>> Links to REMIND and TURNitIN.com with directions are at the BOTTOM <<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>> EVERYONE --- ANCHORS ARE LISTED BELOW. We are doing these in class. These links are for if you are absent and want to come in with the work done.

     >>>>>Links to GRAMMAR --- Appositive Phrases, Participle Phrases, Prepositional Phrases and Prepositions

     Information for ENGLISH II 4th & 5th Period: (scroll down for honors) <<< March 27 Last Day for LATE WORK for 3rd Quarter

    • Vocabulary 13 due Friday March 15. Quiz Voc. 13 March 15. Anchor is listed above
    •  Packet due Mon. 3/18 for Quiz Grade: 1.Drama Structure  2.Grammar w/MacReview  3. Then & Now Notes (scroll down)  **Tweet a character**
    • Possible Quiz Grade for Setting and Meeting Goals for Good Test Taking on Benchmarks March 18 & 19
    • Macbeth Test Thurs. March 21. (Review on March 20)
    • Macbeth Project due on Monday March 25. If you choose the script, HERE is what the script should look like.  Here is the PROJECT RUBRIC

    Information for HONORS ENGLISH II (1st, 2nd, 6th Periods) <<< March 27 Last Day for LATE WORK for 3rd Quarter


    CURRENTLY *** LINKS  should open on PHONES***:

    • You should be keeping things in your 3-Ring Binder (2")  Here is a LIST of SOME of the items you should have. (NOT a PDF) 


    MAKE UP WORK (due Oct. 24) links:


    Class Name: 1st Carlisle Code: JJ56L5

    Class Name: 2nd Carlisle Code: 5RZ4JN

    Class Name: 4th Carlisle Code: EN3YD6

    Class Name: 5th Carlisle Code: 9JN58D

    Class Name: 6th Carlisle Code: QDYVED

    • CLICK HERE for TurnItIn.com instructions. Then SUBMIT your assignment.
    • CLICK HERE for information on how to best write a plot summary paragraph, like the ones you have to do often for the Anchor (bellringer).