• Hi!

    I am Kelsey Gagnon-Mathews and I have been teaching in Guilford Country Schools since 2011, I am also a graduate from GCS myself. 


    In the Fall I teach Freshmen Drawing & Sophomore Sculpture, in the Spring I teach Photo Design & Portfolio Development. I work with the Seniors in the Advanced Placement Arts courses yearlong. 

    I studied Art Education and Geology at Appalachian State University. [I SAID ITS GREAT TO BE A MOUNTAINEER!] Currently, I enjoy making art, primarily prints, paintings & maintaining my daily sketchbook practices.If you are on Instagram checkout our classroom: @MrsGM_Art_Class.

    *All student artwork and images have been approved by students and families prior to posting. 


    “Art is rarely made by Mozart-like people – essentially (statistically speaking) there aren’t many people like that.” - Art & Fear

Mrs. Gagnon-Mathews pictured left, center former students Sean Haboon, Joanna Haboon and Jaki Haboon on right.
Mrs. Gagnon-Mathews and Mr. Cozart with 2019-2020 NAHS Officers at the Fall 2019 Induction Ceremony