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Ms. Holt
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    Email (best way):  holta2@gcsnc.com

    Phone:  336-370-8282

My dog, Jovie
  • My name is Ms. Holt.  This is my sixth year at Weaver.  I have a biology degree, I love dogs, I love collecting various things, I love reading, and I love jigsaw puzzles.  I try to be positive (like a proton) and upbeat when teaching students.  I love analogies (especially in chemistry class).  I try my best to work with each student to help him or her understand the material, usually with quirky humor thrown in for kicks.  I look forward to working with you all this year!  Also, isn't my dog cute?  Her name is Jovie.  She's turning 1 in October and was abandoned as a four month old puppy in Randolph County in February 2023.  She has never met you, but you need to know that Jovie loves you.  Seriously.  She would love to come here every day and bask in your presence (as well as get a lot of pets).  Don't worry, she won't be coming here.  I'm severely allergic to cats and understand that some of you may be severely allergic to dogs.