Guilford County Schools’ middle and high school students will begin returning to classrooms during the next few weeks, a few grade levels at a time. The Guilford County Board of Education made its decision Tuesday night, following a presentation about the effects of remote learning on academic progress.

     Middle and high schools will use a cohort model, with half of the students attending in-person on Monday and Tuesday, and the other half attending in-person on Thursday and Friday. The remaining days will be remote learning days. Some secondary school students will remain learning remotely fulltime in alignment with the selections made by their parents/guardians prior to the start of second semester in January.

     Under the phased approach approved by the school board, sixth graders and ninth graders will return Monday, Feb. 22, or Thursday, Feb. 25, depending on their cohort. Then, seventh, tenth and twelfth graders will return the week of March 1. Eighth graders and eleventh graders will return the week of March 8.

    Students in 11th grade will take the ACT in person on Feb. 23 and March 9; ACT testing will occur with 50% of the students at a time to allow for social distancing. To accommodate the extra students on campus, students in grades nine, 10 and 12 will learn remotely on these dates.

    Based on transportation capacity, bell schedules may have to be adjusted. When high schools return, Learning Hub schedules will also change. Parents/guardians will receive more detailed information from their children’s schools. Parents/guardians are also asked to carpool and/or transport their children to school, when possible.

     Board members also heard from district and public health leaders about the county’s progress regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and rapid testing. Group 3, which includes K-12 public school employees, is the next group to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, after healthcare and long-term care workers (Group 1) and those aged 65 or older (Group 2).

     With vaccine quantities still limited at the state level, the Guilford County Department of Public Health does not yet know when it will begin vaccinating most of GCS’ nearly 10,000 employees. Outreach and scheduling by public health have already begun for GCS employees who are in Group 2, however. We encourage the approximately 450 employees in this group to take advantage of the appointments being offered and to quickly return any phone calls or emails they receive from public health.  

    During the meeting, board members also approved a resolution asking the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to prioritize educators and support staff for vaccinations. The board would like to see GCS employees moved into Group 2 and have asked public health officials to find ways to expedite the vaccination process. District administration has already offered the use of GCS facilities, parking lots, equipment and other support.

     Lastly, the board also heard a report on the possibility of establishing rapid testing capabilities for COVID-19 at some or all GCS schools to help identify potential cases more quickly and add another layer of protection against in-school transmission. No decision has been made yet, however. For more information about GCS’ reopening plans, visit www.gcsnc.com/reopening


    Cohorts for return, will be communicated by Wednesday evening, February 17th via connect ed messages. Reminder that there is not a straight split down the alphabet. If you have any questions about anything regarding the re-opening, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the administrators on campus.

    When we return through our above noted phases and through the remainder of the year, students or visitors upon arrival to campus each day must have filled out the attestations questions. If you have a smart phone, you can use the below QR codes to answer these questions. You will need to show the monitors that you have answered these upon entry. Additionally, visitors must have a valid ID when coming to campus to either check a student out or for visiting reasons. (New procedures are in place)

    Note: This process allows us to gather information about any possible symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, potential exposure to someone currently displaying symptoms or direct contact with someone who has recently tested positive for Covid-19. This includes a temperature check. This is a daily requirement for all individuals who enter our building.

    We ask you that everyone answers this screening honestly

    We ask you do not send your student to school if they are complaining of ANY symptoms you have not had investigated with your doctor. Something as simple as a headache, upset stomach, or allergy type symptom could all be a symptom of Covid-19. 

    We know there is a flood of information out there. Honesty and transparency are important tools to help minimize the spread of Covid-19.

    We cannot predict this virus and know only in part how fast it transmits between people, and the effects it can have on people. Our goal is to stick together and be honest and open with each other.



    Accessing Canvas:
    Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns.
    Stay Safe!
    Martin Baker
    (336) 819-2970 Ext. 1748
    Students will access Canvas and visit the specified day of instruction. There, students will find the assignment for the day. Students that are supposed to report to school in-person should STILL report to my classroom, as a substitute/teacher WILL be there.




    Welcome to Engineering Design and CTE Technology!


    My name is Martin Baker, and I teach Engineering Technologies at Southwest Guilford High School. My experience as a licensed technology teacher have strengthened my educational philosophy that learning is a continual process, beginning with students and educators at its very core. In the eyes of every educator, students should be viewed as a valuable and important asset of the learning institutions they attend.


    I believe that students should be taught engineering and technology basics using a variety of educational methods that deviate from traditional classrooms. The human mind varies widely from one student to the next, requiring a number of different stimuli to cognitively transform information from working short-term memory to applicable long-term memory storage. By allowing students to learn through different paths to subject mastery, they become more self-reliant and show a much higher aptitude for applying the technological content that they have learned. I believe it is the instructor’s job to facilitate all aspects of this process, offering constructive advice and direct instruction when needed. Furthermore, technology instructors should create a myriad of experiences that utilize sounds, sights, and technological material. By experiencing these educational materials, students will not only learn, but will also enjoy learning. With the guidance and supervision of technological educators, students can learn and retain information through the multifaceted approaches of hands-on instruction. While teaching Technology Design and Innovation at Allen Middle School, the classroom implementation of my philosophy was positively received by both students and educators alike.


    I ultimately consider education to be a learning experience for everyone involved, myself being no exception. As a technology educator, I feel it is my duty to view my profession as a “work in progress” that will never fully be completed. Every educator should be in a constant state of self-improvement, never tiring to find a new method that will inspire the next generation of great thinkers, artists and “out-of-the-box-problem-solvers”. As the Greek historian Plutarch so correctly noted, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”


    Parents and students, please feel free to explore my Canvas page. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know.




    Martin Baker

    Instructor, Engineering Design


    (336) 819-2970 Ext. 1748


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