• Cruz through the Counseling Center!

    Through a comprehensive school counseling program, this department strives to provide developmental, preventive, remedial, and responsive services to students and families. The school counselor is here to address academic development, career development, and personal/social needs of students. At Bluford S.T.E.M Academy, the school counselor will help students reach their optimum goal of social-emotional health and stability. The school counselor will collaborate with parents, teachers, and school staff, as well as supporting agencies concerning the needs and abilities of students. The goal of the comprehensive school counseling program is to ensure that all students receive the supports needed to enhance personal growth and academic success. Counseling services provide short-term counseling, along with schoolwide activities that support school and district goals for students to improve the overall school culture. Parents and students are welcomed and encouraged to contact counseling services to assist students with issues or concerns as it relates to school, home, or the community. Students can access the school counselor by asking their teacher for a pass to visit the counseling center. Teachers, parents, and other school staff may also refer a student to the counseling center. Upon receipt of the referral, the school counselor will contact the student directly to discuss concerns and design an action plan to help meet their needs.

    The School Counselor: 

    1. Serves ALL students and works with them on an individual basis and in small groups
    2. Facilitates classroom guidance and counseling sessions, helps identify student needs, and assists in assessment of students with special needs
    3. Coordinates the Elementary Instructional Support Team (IST), a group of professionals that reviews, develops and helps to implement appropriate interventions for at-risk students
    4. Oversees Character Education initiatives at the elementary level
    5. Consults with parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies and aids in coordinating referrals to outside agencies

    For additional assistance and support, please contact Dr. Katrina Cruz in the counseling department at 336.370.8120. 


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