• Welcome to CTE-Medical Careers!  I am excited to be starting my first year with Eastern Guilford High School, and helping your child optimize their interests and potential in the Health Care Sciences.  I am a Registered Nurse with over a decade of varied experiences which will help me guide your child through the Health Science program and for their future endeavors in the medical careers.  Most recently, I have worked at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in the General Pediatric and Pediatric Intensive Care Units.  I have experience in Maternal-Newborn care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Community Health as well as Hospice (adults and children).  I look forward to a wonderful year of learning what the Health Sciences has to offer your student!  Below you will find a description of each section that is available for students to explore here at Eastern Guilford.


    This course investigates Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Topics include the study of Medical Terminology, the Body Systems, Hematology, and the Health Care Professions.


    This course is designed to prepare potential health care workers, to become efficient multi-skilled health team members.  Emphasis is placed on the development of Effective Communication, Healthcare Agencies, Finances, and Trends.  Legal and Ethical issues in healthcare;  The Concepts of Teamwork, Understanding Safety and Infection Control Procedures.  How to use Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services.  How to provide CPR and First Aid Procedures.  How to Collect Patient Data, Massage Therapy, Patient Movement, and Positioning the patient.


    This course is designed to prepare potential health care workers, to become efficient multi-skilled health team members.  Emphasis is placed on the development of proficiency in:  Communication, Observations-Recording and Reporting, Rehabilitation, Basic human needs, Dying process, Infection Control, Safety, Emergency Care Skills, Vital Signs, Ht. & Wt. Measurements, Nutrition – Elimination needs, and Nurse Aide Training Skills.

    Students must meet all requirements for nurse aide training in order to receive a “Certificate of Nurse Aide Training Completion.”  Requirements for Completion of Nurse Aide Training Certification:

    1. Completion of Nursing Fundamentals with a final grade of 80.
    2. Mastery of all curricular skills prior to clinical participation in hands on resident personal care.
    3. Successful completion of a 40 hour clinical experience in a long term care facility.
    4. Demonstration of a subset of skills identified by DHSR in the clinical area with teacher verification of same.

    Nurse aide candidates who pass both the written and the skills portion of the NNAAP become listed on the NC Nurse Aide I registry.  Students are allowed three times to test for each before having to take the class over.

    When we have finished clinical and are back into the classroom.  The students take practice CNA written and on-line tests to check their knowledge and get ready for their state test.  They practice their skills on each other, one student is the patient, and one is the student testing and the other acts as the evaluator.  My students will take their state test at Weaver Academy, the written test and then there is a skills evaluation.  At the Skills Evaluation there are only two students in the room, one student is the patient and the other is the student testing and then they switch roles.  They are asked to perform five randomly selected nurse aide skills.  They are given 30 minutes to complete the five skills.  They are rated on these skills by a Nurse Aide Evaluator.  They must successfully demonstrate all 5 skills to pass the Skills Evaluation.  All testing sheets are faxed to Austin, Texas to be scanned and the results are faxed back.  The students know if they have passed before they leave.  Guilford County Schools pays for each student to test, many of the other counties the student has to pay to test.