Welcome to Theatre Arts!

Ms. Morgan-Pegues
  • My name is Ms. Morgan-Pegues and I am thrilled that you are here!

    Before we get into what this class is about, allow me to share a little 

    about myself. I am from Akron, Ohio (LeBron James). I began doing theatre in the 6th grade. I attended Bennett College and received my Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts with a concentration in Theatre. 

    In this class, your scholar learns about all the components to theatre including acting, directing, producing, playwriting, etc. This class is also used to help enhance everyday skills one may use such as public speaking. The class is broken up into 3 sections; Drama I, Drama II, & Drama III. Drama I introduces our scholars to the world of theatre. It the beginner course that is taken in the 6th Grade. Drama II expands on the knowledge that is learned in Drama II (7th grade) and introduces Shakespeare. Drama III takes a look at the technical side of theatre arts. The 8th grade class learns about lighting, sound, costuming, make up and more.