"Art Cafe" with rainbow paint
  • Hello all,


    Welcome to the Art's Café webpage! 

    This club will function as an Open Mic for people to perform their music, poetry, or other performance art. Come and perform or just listen and enjoy! All art must be school appropriate, no exceptions. 

    Art Cafe is not a hangout spot. If you come to Art Cafe, you will quietly and respectfully listen to your peers' performances, just as you would want them to listen to yours. 

    Students will need to bring:

    • Any instruments they will need to perform
    • Any lyrics or poems for performances
    • Students will need to send Mr. Sealey any links to tracks they are performing with ahead of time.


    We hope to see you soon!



Degrees and Certifications:

BA of English Concentration in Secondary Education

Mr. Brandon Scott

Hello everyone,


My name is Mr. Scott, and I chose to take part in the Art's Café club because "Art is something too important not to share" (Romero Britto). My dad passed down his love of music to me; it has always been an important part of my life. I listened to it constantly. Whether I wanted to sing at the top of my lungs with my siblings in the car, put on mini lip-sync concerts with my cousins, or to escape the harsh realities that were placed on me as a young child; music was the thing to which I always turned.

I joined my school's band when I was in sixth grade, and I continued on with that throughout my middle and high school years. However, my biggest passion was singing; no one knew that I could sing because I was always too scared to sing in front of anyone. That is until I decided to join a singing competition during my Sophomore year of high school. Everyone that knew me was shocked. I remember my mom saying to me, "I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone, Brandon. But, can you actually sing?" My response to her was, "I think so." 

I sang in front of my family at church (after the service, of course), and it went TERRIBLY! I was nervous, and I lost ALL control of my voice. The poor few who stayed to hear me sing were nothing but supportive. They continued to compliment my voice while I just wanted to shrink into nothingness. Soon, the competition date came, and I sang in front of an even bigger audience. I wasn't as nervous as the first time around, and I had something to prove. When the judges announced the winners at the end of the competition, I was shocked to hear my name called for the first place trophy. 

From that moment on, I continued to sing in church and to find my voice. But there was one small thing, I kept this a secret from everyone in my high school. I was already bullied enough for varying reasons, and I didn't want there to be any other reason for attention to be on me. However, my mom signed me up to sing at my high school graduation without my knowledge. She told me later that day and I was PETRIFIED! How was I going to sing in front of my entire graduating class? That day came a little too quickly, and I was just as nervous as I was the first time I had ever sang in public. I fought through my fear, and I managed to do a pretty good job singing during my graduation. So that added to my confidence.

Over the next few years I would sing in church and perform in talent shows here and there, but during the Summer of 2017 my friend called me and asked if I would like to join a wedding band with her. I said yes! Now, we currently sing together in a wedding band that performs cover songs during all kinds of events (not just weddings). 

Aside from singing, I also enjoy writing poetry and songs. I find it cathartic to put all of my thoughts and feelings into a piece of art that I can call my own. I enjoy reading/hearing/seeing/etc. other people's art as well which is why I joined Art's Café. I want to inspire people with my art while also being inspired by others' art.  



Degrees and Certifications: