• Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!  I am Mr. Joe Henzler and I am excited to have you in my class!

    This school year we will study the world, the ancient world and follow a timeline, somewhat.  Geography is an important them in ALL we do.  Every unit will have a focus or component of geography.  Where in the world are we?  Where did events happen and take place?  Taking a journalistic approach, students will learn the Who, What, Where, When and most importantly the HOW and WHY.  Our content and standards are based on students explaining the factors that caused events to happen.  From the dawn of early man to the forming of civilizations, we will explore cultures, ethnicities, religions and how science and technology emerged as humans/mankind developed.  

    Students will need to have their composition book-NOT spiral, a two-pocket folder and a pencil every day.  Be prepared.  Be ready. It can be fun as we build our knowledge, and increase our literacy in reading AND writing about the history of the ancient world.