• Students at General Greene experience technology in a variety of ways.

    Technology Lab

    Students come to the technology lab to explore a variety of technology. The lab instructor is a full time, certified teacher. For fifty minutes students receive instruction on a variety of lessons ranging from the Microsoft Office Suite, video production with iPad apps, computer science, safe internet practices and using a variety of web tools to publish projects related to their classroom curriculum.


    Interactive Projectors

    Beginning in 2015 General Greene with support of the PTA began installing mounted interactive projectors in all Kindergarten through Fifth Grade classrooms. Currently all K-5 classroom are equipped with Epson Brightlink interactive projectors which allow teachers to turn their whiteboard into an interactive resource. Students and teachers can draw out math problems, annotate text and interact with any website without using the computer.


    Student Devices

    All student in Guilford County Schools are assigned a device.  Kindergarten through third grade students are assigned an iPad with a keyboard. Fourth and fifth grade students are assigned a Chromebook. The device travels to and from school with the student each day.  Teachers will use these devices for instructional purposes.


    Beginning in 2015 students began receiving basic computer programming lessons during their technology lab time. The lab instructor utilizes curriculum from Code.org. The mission of this program is to provide every child the opportunity to learn about computer science. This curriculum helps students explore coding through the use of block coding games such as Coding with Angry Birds. Students explore the basic principles of computer programming by becoming familiar with algorithms, loops, debugging, conditional and more. Students can even begin to see the lines of code they've written.

    STEM Fair

    In the spring of 2022, we held our first annual STEM Fair.  We combined our previous State Fair and Tech Fair to make a more meaningful event.  

    This awesome day is like a giant field trip but at school.  We have members from our community share how science, technology or engineering is used in their career.  Students especially love getting to pet the animals.  Some past presenters include HAECO Americas, Mad Ones Films, Greensboro Police Department, First Lego League, Mortal Coil Serpentry, Greensboro Cooperative Extension, NC A&T Farms and many others.  

    Part of the day includes a "playroom" that gives students an opportunity to explore a variety of hands-on technology. Previously there have been stations that showcase virtual reality, Dot and Dash robots, Osmo kits, Hexbugs, 3D printer and Little Bits. This is a fun-filled day in which students can see science, technology, and engineering in action.