Guilford Parent Academy

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    Parents and families are our partners in education, and GCS' best resource when it comes to raising happy, healthy children, ready to succeed in school and in life.

    But, as they say, kids don't come with instruction manuals, and we could all use some help. That's where Guilford Parent Academy comes in. Planned by parents and a diverse team of educators and community members, Guilford Parent Academy is designed to help parents, grandparents and family members caring for children and young people in Guilford County. 

    Guilford Parent Academy strives to give parents the tools you need to assist your children as they learn and grow. From homework help to talking about bullying, finding great FREE books available online for adults and students, and even providing job-search and resume assistance, Guilford Parent Academy is here for you.

    Guilford Parent Academy is a FREE, year-round, parent-engagement and support program of Guilford County Schools.

    We know our parents are our partners in their children’s education, and Guilford Parent Academy aims to provide educational excellence for all of our children by informing parents about their role in their child's success. Guilford Parent Academy uses a number of strategies to reach parents, including FREE workshops and events on topics such as planning for college, helping with homework, bullying and staying healthy.

    Our FREE workshops and classes are available across Guilford County, including at our schools and at community locations, thanks to our creative staff and community support. We work hard to develop workshops that are aligned with our parents' needs, and are conveniently located near their home and workplace.

    Guilford Parent Academy partners with more than 70 community organizations and businesses throughout Guilford County that share information, facilitate and host events and provide other in-kind/financial resources. In total, Guilford Parent Academy has secured approximately $2.9 million in monetary and in-kind donations, including a $1.9 million supplemental grant from the U.S. Department of Education.