Little General Painting
  • Mission Statement:

     To increase academic achievement, character development, and embrace the uniqueness of every student.


    Vision Statement:

    All students will be nurtured in an environment which fosters educational excellence. All stakeholders will ensure a safe and orderly environment to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to learning. All stakeholders will create an environment where students feel respected. All stakeholders will share the responsibility for advancing Nathanael Greene's mission of excellence. The learning needs of students are the primary focus of all decisions regarding the efficient use of time and resources.


  • Principal Mrs. Toks Wall







  • Nathanael Greene is a small school located in a rural community that values traditions and has generational family ties. The dedicated staff recognizes those strong traditions. Our staff is and has been considered to be a positive strand of the fabric of this community. A major strength of Nathanael Greene is retaining highly-qualified teachers.  Our parent community provides an enormous amount of support to the school. We value the unique attributes of our students and use various methods and instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of all the students. We are very proud that the academic performance of our students has consistently resulted in academic growth. Nathanael Greene has been recognized as a "School of Distinction", "School of Excellence", and “Honor School of Excellence”.  At Nathanael Greene we strive to create an atmosphere which fosters optimal learning experiences. We believe in teaching the whole child while embracing each child’s uniqueness as an individual.  The school values the opportunity for student success, empowering and motivating students to make the best decisions, seeking opportunities for continuous parent involvement, and using data to drive instruction. We are confident that our students will continue to experience academic success.