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Hello Bessemer Bobcats! Parents and students I want to encourage all students to explore the world of Art while we are out of school. Some of my favorite artists are also children's book illustrators and I will direct you to them as well as the enormous resources there are on the topic of Art.

Here are some of the artists/illustrators you can explore:

Eric Carle This is the Eric Carle Museum Virtual Tour.

Jack Ezra Keats Fun Facts About Jack Ezra Keats

Oliver Jeffers In the Artist's Studio  Picture Book Maker

Lois Ehlert  Webpage full of activities to explore. Activities to explore in art and nature

Christian Robinson, Illustrator of Diversity

Does the Pigeon have to go to school? Mo Williams website with both English and Spanish books

Dale Chihuly Glass Artist. Pirate Artist

Land Art Using natural materials to make outside art.

Lots of Dots

   Art with Mati and Dada There are around 40 different videos with Mati and Dada about many different artists that we have studied and have not studied.

Book to read grades 4-5th A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. 


Art projects to do while you are at home:


1. Collage with found/recycling objects- 

If you have a cardboard box or cereal box you can cut it apart and use to glue objects on.

Objects such as: buttons, gum wrappers, magazine pages, sales ads. 

2. Toilet paper roll trees. Paint or color a tube and add fringe like leaves by using construction paper, newspaper, magazines, tissue paper.

3. Create a drawing pad using newspapers. Draw pictures and outline with a sharpie or marker and color it in using colored pencils or crayons, paint and markers.

4. Make an inside fort with sheets and pillows and blankets. 

5. Make paper dolls using cut-outs from ads and magazines.

6. Unmatched socks? Make a puppet using buttons, beads, bottle caps.  Or make your own stuffed animal.

7. Make an airplane out of a magazine paper and see how far it flies.

Creative Writing Ideas:

1. Write about a place you have visited or lived but write as if you were an animal such as a: bird, cat, dog, pet turtle. Think about what the animal would see compared to a human.

2. Write a mystery to be solved- Like who stole all your socks. Or Left an elephant in your backyard.  Fun mysteries. Or a real mystery about space.

3. Create a Superhero based off of a food name, such as: "Captain Pizza", "Marvelous Mayo", "Super-Pretzel"

Then create the villain such as: "Taco Taker", "Egg Smasher"

4. Keep a journal about the weather.

5. Watch insects to see what types of patterns they walk in and record your observations.

6. Talk to a family member and ask them what they did for fun when they were little and write a story about it.


I look forward to seeing you all again and seeing any artwork you do during this time out of school.  I will be working on my artwork as well and will share that with you when I see you again.  

Remember there are no mistakes in art that you cannot work with- just turn it into something else.  

I will see you soon!

Sherry Elliott 

Art Inspirer/Teacher/Artist/Writer