• Mr. Porter's Social Studies

  • About Me

    Hello, my name is Mr. Porter.


    I have been teaching since 2012.  I have coached many sports, including football and golf.  I am proud to be a Swann Lion, and I am looking forward to a great year!





    Course Overview

    In this class, we will be studying world history from Colonization to Modern Day, with a focus on North Carolina.  We will be breaking this time period into different sections.  In an effort to make social studies interesting and engaging, I plan to use many different lesson types, materials, and techniques during this course.



    1.       Follow all directions the first time they are given

    2.       Maintain appropriate volume levels

    3.       Only keep out supplies and materials that are necessary for your current assignment

    4.       Always use positive, respectful language

    5.       Only touch things that belong to you

    Materials Needed to be successful


    Spiral notebook, composition book, or similar dedicated to my class

    Colored Pencils
    Index Cards
    Glue stick
    *note: I will provide any optional materials that may be necessary for class, but I know some students prefer to use their own items

    Grading Rubric

    • Independent Practice - 50%

    • Quizzes - 30%

    • Test - 20%

    Students will have a minimum of 18 assignments per quarter.

    Contact Information

    Phone: 336-270-8110
    Text: 336-949-7678
    Email: porterb@gcsnc.com
    Parent contact method: Text works best, as well as email