• Welcome to Mr. Thompson's Talented Tenth

    6th Grade Advance ELA

    Our classroom will operate as a community. Each scholar will be expected to act with respect and humility to ensure that all scholars feel safe and welcomed. We will work together to make sure we are all meeting our personal and collective goals. Scholars will always learn from each other and speak to each other with respect. As a team, we will leverage our strengths while continuously reflecting and learning from our weaknesses. Scholars will operate from a growth mindset and will track their scores to reflect their growth during the year. We will work together to meet our ambitious collective goals and will hold each other accountable.

    Why Are These Goals Important?

    All the above goals will help your scholar be successful both academically and behaviorally in the 6th Grade. However, if your scholar meets our goals, they will be on the path to continuing their growth throughout middle school and on to high school and college. Scholars mastering their goals will not only be on grade level in English Language Arts but will be on a path of enduring growth to college and career readiness.

    In our class this year will explore four units of study from the American Reading Company.

    Unit 1- Launch Unit

    Unit 2- Space

    Unit 3- Adventure & Survival

    Unit 4- Environmental Studies


    Class Rules (SWAG):

    1. Sit up straight
    2. Watch and be engaged
    3. Ask questions
    4. Give kudos


    • Flash Drive
    • Sticky notes
    • 3 Composition Notebooks
    • 1” 3 Ring Binder
    • Loose Leaf Paper
    • Mechanical Pencils/ Lead
    • 1 Folder


    Scholars are to read at home for 45 minutes Monday through Thursday. Scholars are to record their reading nightly on their At Home Reading Log. Parents are to sign the log nightly. Each day represents 25pts of the possible 100pts to be earned by Friday. Math, Science, Social Studies homework may count for 15 minutes of the overall time of nightly reading.