• My name is Terri Marks, and I am absolutely elated to being able to serve the students, staff, and surrounding communities at the school as the new media specialist. I bring to Bessemer an array of experiences that will make me a better educator-servant. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Post-Bachelor in Special Education, and a Master of Library and Information Studies. I also have experience teaching literacy to students on different grade levels, including high school.

    It is my mission to create a fun learning environment that will encourage students to read for not only the classroom, but for fun. My philosophy as a teacher librarian is if students enjoy reading in general they will eventually become better readers in every aspect. It is my goal to ensure the students here at Bessemer have great relationship with reading and literacy. 





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    How many books can be checked out at a time?


    Kindergarten-up to 2 books

    First grade-up to 2 books

    Second grade-up to 2 books

    Third grade-up to 3 books

    Fourth grade-up to 3 books

    Fifth grade-4-5 books



    I really want to check out a book, but I have one book that is over due. Can I still check out a book?


    Yes. Students are more than welcomed to check out a book. However, if there is more than one book overdue, no new checkouts will be allowed. 




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  • Why reading for fun is important for the classroom?

    Posted by Terri Marks on 1/31/2019 1:20:00 PM

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    Reading for fun and enjoyment is important for the classroom because students will transfer the skills to required assessments. This includes assessments required by stakeholders, (Tilley, 2009). Students have to develop intellectual curiosity and stamina for reading. In order for this to happen, they first must enjoy reading within itself. Reading must be enjoyable before it becomes required. This is why the media center at any school is important to have. Long gone are the days of the imagery of someone sitting behind a counter being the lord of books. 

    The media center here at Bessemer will always have materials that interest students. Also, the media center will be a place where the students and reading itself will both sail off into faraway destinies together.  While taking their specials, the students will have that chance of reading for fun which in turn will making the reading in the class and reading period worthwhile. 


    Tilley, C. L. (2009). Reading motivation and engagement. School Library Monthly,26(4), 39-42.



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