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    Teaching and learning in the MYP is based on the following core components:

    • Approaches to learning (ATL)- helping student learn how to learn by explicitly developing skills for research, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and self-management
    • Key and related concepts-  helping students explore big ideas that matter
    • Global contexts-  helping students understand the relevance and importance of their studies when exploring the curriculum through the lenses of common humanity, shared guardianship of the planet, scientific and technical exploration, fairness, globalization and sustainability
    • Community Project-  giving students in grade 8 an opportunity to explore and address needs in their local and global communities
    • Personal Project-  giving students in grade 10 an opportunity to explore an in-depth topic of their choice they are passionate about
    • Service as Action through Community Service-  helping students develop as caring members of our community
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