• Welcome to Technology! Students will be learning a variety of technology tools that will enhance their learning. I strive to integrate content that students are learning in the classroom to help students be more proficient in technology and in their subject areas. Please use the links on the left hand side to learn more about my expectations and what happening in technology from week to week.

  • Grading Explanation

    All specialists are required to use a 1,2,3,4 grading system for students’ grades rather than a percentage basis. Below you’ll find a explanation of what each means. 


    4 = Consistently exceeds expectations
    3 = Consistently meets expectations independently
    2 = Needs support to meet expectations
    1 = Below expectations with support

    Powerschool does not have a category for this type of grading system but it is still the best option available for me at this time. I will give at least one grade every class period, based on my observations of the students level of independence, accuracy, speed and work completion. According to the rating scale a 3 is "Consistently meets expectations independently" but Powerschool translates this to a 75%. I have created the range below to better explain the student's final grade. If a student misses their technology day due to absence, field trip, inclement weather etc.  Powerschool will factor this as a missing assignment which lowers their score.  By the end of the grading period I will adjust the grades as necessary to account for absences or observations that may not have been reflected in previous grades. 

    92%-100% = 4 on report card

    70%-91%= 3 on report card

    50%-69% = 2 on report card

    0%-49% = 1 on report card


    I know as a parent seeing a grade of 75% ir 80% can be very concerning on a traditional grading scale but please keep the grade scale listed above in mind. Additionally, it is rare for students to have all 4's all the time. If I'm introducing a new concept, I may not give 4's because the student hasn't demonstrated that they can perform the task "consistently" yet. 





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