• Media Center Overview



    The media specialist, Mrs. Flannery, looks forward to partnering with classroom teachers to identify ways to provide students with media instruction that weaves literacy into curricular units that are being covered.  By tying media lessons to content that is being taught in general classrooms, the media specialist can ensure the relevancy of what instruction is provided in media class.  


    The media center page will serve as a one-stop shop for teachers to (1) learn about current events going on in the media center (2) access important resources, and (3) request technology assistance, resource needs, etc.



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    Mission Statement


    The mission of the Bessemer Media Center is to provide students with the resources, tools, and instruction needed to prepare them with the mindsets and skills that are necessary for 21st century learners.


    Achieving this mission involves a dynamic collection of resources and media instruction that aligns strategically with general classroom content.  Media instruction will vary by grade level, but commonalities shared for all student ages will include the following:



    • To provide skills and information that is relevant to students' educational experiences and personal lives
    • To inspire a love of reading 
    • To equip students with skills and mindsets that will help them to become lifelong learners



  • Contact Information


    Stacy Flannery


    (336) 375-2585 ext. 1300