Bessemer's Media Center
  • Welcome to Bessemer's Media Center, one of the exciting learning hubs of the school!! 


    In the media center, students will find many fun and exciting reading materials that will make them better readers over a period of time. There are fictional and non-fictional titles that students absolutely enjoy. Each year, more and more books that students love will be added.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the media center at Bessemer Elementary is to ensure that each child access 21st century skills in transparency-level, literacy, and research. It is the goal of the media center's curriculum to enable students to do the following:

    1. Apply higher level analytical skills when problem solving

    2. Apply creative thinking when approaching unfamiliar texts

    3. Merge individual learning approaches with collaboration

    4. Apply critical reasoning for problem solving 

    5. Access technology in order to gain further knowledge of scholarly research


    Check Out/Check in Policies

    Beginning March 4th, students are only allowed to check out three books. If there are any overdue books, checkouts will be impossible. If there are books that students would like to renew, please have them to come to the media center. Please remember to turn in any overdue books within two weeks after checking them out. Once students are ready to turn the books back in, they are to place the books on the first cart upon entering the media center. 







  • If there are any questions concerning the media center, tech issues, or any reading materials, please email me at You are also more than welcome to visit "Helpful Sources for Teachers" and submit your ticket, or access the link directly by clicking here