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    The Academy of Computer and Information Science at NEGHS


    Northeast High School is one of six schools to pilot the first Signature Career Academies in Guilford County Schools: The Academy of Computer and Information Science. 

    The Academy of Computer and Information Science at Northeast High School launched in Fall 2019. Students learn to interact with computers and computer systems through coding, networking, and data analytics. Students are expected to graduate with a series of industry certifications, professional and technical skills, and college credits, making them ready to enter one of the fastest growing, highest paid professions in the world. Majors in the academy include: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence and in future years, Geospatial Technology. This academy has an assigned attendance zone.

    Students can register for the academy through SchoolMint during the Choice/Magnet registration window through March 4th, 2020. 

    This is a duplicate academy and is available to students in the western part of the county who are zoned for Dudley, Eastern, Grimsley, Northeast, Northern, Page, and Southeast High Schools. 

    At this time, transportation will not be provided for academy students unless they reside in the Northeast High School zone. 


    What makes this academy exciting for students?

    Students who are interested in how technologies and organizations work and who thrive on learning new digital skills and tackling new challenges will enjoy learning in this academy.

    Students will work individually and in teams to solve digital challenges organizations and governments are facing with the same kinds of processes used by the professionals in the industry.  An example challenge that a student might experience is participating in an international government conflict simulation, where the student is serving as a government official who must encrypt and decrypt messages to determine how to advise national leaders.  Students will present their work to industry partners.

    In Signature Academies, students will learn in a smaller environment from both teachers and industry partners. Students will participate in field trips and other work-based learning events, will work to earn industry credentials, and will take college-prep and advanced courses as an expected part of their program. Students will receive support to be successful in their courses and in their college and career planning – academies are successful when they create successful students!