• Class of 2025


    General Information:

    6 credits to be promoted to 10th grade

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    CFNC Freshmen Tips 


    What is GPA?

    Grade Point Average is the number used to measure how successful a student is in their high school courses. Usually club leaders, scholarship committees, universities/ colleges, and employers review a student's GPA.

    GPA is created by completing courses and transferring the letter grade to the Grade Point Number Scale.


    Non-Honors/ Advanced Placement Course              Honor(s) Course                         Advanced Placement(s) Course 

      • A= 4                                                      A=4.5                                               A=5                                                      
      • B= 3                                                      B=3.5                                               B=4
      • C= 2                                                      C=2.5                                               C=3
      • D= 1                                                      D=1.5                                               D=2
      • F= 0                                                       F=0                                                  F=0



    9th Grade & Early College Administrator: Tori Brasher brashet@gcsnc.com

    Counselor: Tiffany Rouse (Last name A-L) rouset@gcsnc.com

    Counselor: Ron Dargan (Last name M-Z) & Early College Advisor darganr@gcsnc.com

    Service Learning Advisor : Nicole Minor minorn@gcsnc.com