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    Ever since information began to accumulate in mass quantities, we as a people have looked for various ways to find, store, and use this information to further our great advancements within society.

    I would like the Media Center here at Ferndale Middle School to assist all students, faculty, staff, and families in their endeavors to gain new knowledge about the world outside of our school's historic walls, and to use this knowledge in their everyday lives. Although so much information can be found on the internet today, there is simply something that can't be gained from the internet that can be gained from a Media Center or a Library: possibly a feeling of pride, or a passion for the wealth of knowledge that dances around the stacks in the assorted sections.

    I hope that whenever students enter the Media Center here at Ferndale, they recognize this passion and they feel welcome. Books allow us to explore worlds unfamiliar and unknown; there are some places only a good book can take you.

    During the course of the year, please contact me if you have any questions; I am here to help! Inquire in person, through email, or even over the phone; I am more than pleased to assist you with your journey to success!

    Yours in education,

    Mr. Bryant Thompson, M.A. Ed.

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  • Please use the information below to contact me if you ever have any questions about a book or resource that I may help you acquire to assist you in your education. I want you to always seek to learn more about the unknown, and without the Media Center, you can sometimes be led to believe information that is not accurate or untrue. Let me assist you in your pursuit of knowledge; 

    I am here to help!