• The 411 on the Battle of the Books

    Are you interested in joining our Battle of the Books team for the 2019-2020 school year? You're just a few steps away from being an active participant!

    • Ensure that you see Mr. Thompson, your Media Specialist, in order to acquire an interest packet
    • View all of the information about team expectations described below

    Battle of the Books is a state-wide competition held among schools which begins at the county or district level, and then elevates to the state level. To participate, students compete in teams of twelve, which means six students at a time, against other teams in a "quiz-bowl" style competition to answer questions about the required books on the list for each designated year.

    The ultimate goal of the Battle of the Books competition is to encourage reading and to expose students to a wide variety of literature, as well as to permit them to demonstrate their comprehension of this literature in a manner that allows optimal interest and excitement in each book! While reading, students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base on a variety of diverse texts while strengthening their reading skills, cultural knowledge, vocabulary, and general knowledge about the world around them. Although this is a competition, the purpose of this battle is to have fun, and to expand one's reading choices while doing so. Who knows, you may find a new author or genre that you would have never imagined reading about until exposure to this year's Battle of the Books!

    More information to come.

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