• Hello Whirlies:)

    I am a seasoned educator of 17 years teaching Social Studies, Language and Youth Leadership to 8th grade through post secondary adults. Before I became a certified educator, I tutored and worked as a preschool teacher. My entire work life has been as an educator and I am still as passionate, if not more now, about my craft. I believe the key to this passion is continuing to learn and try new experiences which push me at times out of my comfort zone but help me grow as a human and an educator. 


    I am certified K-12 in Social Studies, Language Arts, and English as Second Language in 3 states and have taught in Texas and Minnesota and now here in North Carolina. I have tried on many hats in education from being Department Chair of Social Studies and Assistant Principal but my passion lies in guiding adolescents. The last four years of my teaching I worked at a public urban Montessori high school where I traveled with my students for consecutive years. This was a beautiful experience to witness these individuals traversing from fresh adolescence with all the uncertainty into more confident mature independence in post-secondary education and life.

    It was sad to leave that group but my family and I were excited to for a new involvement and community here. We moved here a year ago from Minneapolis, MN. We have family that moved to Greensboro so we came to be close to them and have our children grow up around their cousins:)


    The Montessori belief of implementing head, hand and heart in education is something I integrate into my teaching. Students will have opportunities to be active members of their learning and discover their personal potential in this world. I believe that adolescents are as deserving of dignity and respect as adults and truly the youth is our future to a better society.

    I look forward to this year.


    Please reach out with any questions/comments~


    In partnership,


    Alexis Dickey


Mrs. Dickey