• Hello Eagles:)

    I am a seasoned educator of 19 years teaching Social Studies, Language and Youth Leadership to 8th grade through adults. 

    I even tutored and worked as a preschool teacher while in high school and college.

    My entire work life has been as an educator and I am still as passionate, if not more now, about my craft.

    I believe the key to this passion is continuing to learn and try new experiences which push me at times out of my comfort zone but help me grow as a human and an educator. 

    I am certified K-12 in Social Studies, Language Arts, and English as Second Language in 3 states and have taught in Texas and Minnesota and now here in North Carolina.

    I have tried on many hats in education from being Assistant Principal, Montessori Guide, and even GED teacher in a male prison. I feel that my breadth of experiences and variety of environments have shaped a worldview that respects young people as agents of change and integral members of our communities.

    It was sad to leave my home of Minneapolis, MN but we were excited to be involved in a new community here and have our children grow up around their cousins that moved here. I have 4 children--two human and two canine (dogs).

    I love to read, hike, be outside, be physically active, discuss politics, ponder life's big questions, and debate inequalities in society.

    I am a northerner so still adjusting and learning to the southern ways here. The heat is awful but the biscuits are fabulous! :)

    I look forward to working alongside you all this year.

    Please reach out with any questions/comments~

    In partnership,

    Mrs. Alexis Dickey

    Pronouns: She/Her


Mrs. Dickey