• Registration Process


    Kindergarten packets may be picked up at the Summerfield office.  Call 336-643-8444 for additional information.

    Kindergarteners must turn 5 years old before August 31st to qualify for kindergarten for this school year.


    General Information

    All Guilford County School students must reside with a parent or legal guardian who is a district resident.  Students new to the district will need to bring the following to their school's registration office:

    • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Records
    • Proof of Residence ( See Acceptable Forms of ID for Proof of Residence)
    • Complete address and phone number of former school
    • Kindergartners need a fully completed kindergarten health assessment report (located in the kindergarten packets)

    Guilford County will request the records from previous school.


    Attendance Zones

     Information on attendance zones can be obtained by contacting the Student Assignment Office at 336-370-8303 or go to GCS School Locater.


     Immunization Requirements

    • DTP (Diphtheria,Tetanus,Pertussis) Five Doses. If fourth dose is after child's fourth birthday, then the fifth dose is not required.
    • OPV/IPV (Oral or Inactive Polio Vaccine) Four doses.  If third dose is on or after child's fourth birthday, then fourth dose is nor required.
    • MMR (Measles,Mumps,Rubella) Two doses. First dose on or after the child's first birthday.
    • HIB (Haemophilus Influenza Vaccine) At least one dose.
    • HEPATITIS B-Three doses.  This vaccine is required for all children born after July 1, 1994

    Acceptable Forms of ID for Proof of Residence

    • Gas,oil,water or electric bill with the parent's/legal guardian's name with address in Summerfield School zone.(Telephone and cable bills are not acceptable forms of ID)
    • Official lease agreement in parent/legal guardian's name.
    • Driver's license (or State ID card from Department of Motor Vehicles) and voter registration card (go to the Board of Elections Office to register to vote-not the Department  of Motor Vehicles. DMV will not give parent documentation of registering to vote.) Driver's license or State ID card must be in parent/legal guardian 's name and address of Summerfield School zone.
    • Driver's license(or State ID card) and letter from your employer verifying address.  Letter from employer must be on company letterhead
    • Driver's license (or State ID card) or voter's registration card and Medicaid card in parent/legal guardian's name with address in Summerfield School zone.  Student's name must also be listed on the Medicaid card.


    If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please call the GCS Student Assignment Office at 336-370-8303 or our Data Manager, Robin Sappenfield, at Summerfield Elementary School at 336-643-8444