• Welcome to CS Discoveries!

    I am excited to be a part of the Viking Community and I am very happy to share my passion for learning with my students!

    This class exposes students to problem solving, programming, data analysis and more.  Please visit the Course Expectations to learn details about the course.

    A little about me- my hobbies include camping, swimming, and baking. I enjoy all types of music and food from all over the world.

    I like watching major sporting events and movies with my family. When I'm alone, I catch myself spending a lot of time listening to podcasts and NPR.

    My husband and I have three kids, a dog, and an indoor jungle of 60 plant species and 113 total plants! 

    Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time.  You can email me at sanchel@gcsnc.com.


    Thanks for stopping by!


    Kind regards,

    Lohanna Sanchez

    Teacher 6th- 8th Grades
    CS Discoveries I, II, III
    Northwest Guilford Middle
    5300 Northwest School Road
    Greensboro, NC 27409
    336.605.3333 x 1603







Lohanna Sanchez and dog