• Syllabus  

    STEM Lab

    Ms. Thompson 


    In Ms. Thompson’s STEM Lab students will explore a variety of technological tools and resources as we learn and understand Technology Systems and the Design Process.  Students will explore tools that spark their creativity while learning problem solving strategies.  They will also have an opportunity to build structures as they learn technology and engineering concepts. The students will also explore STEM careers, while hearing from different STEM professionals. 


    Teamwork is a large part of our class. Students will work mostly in (social distant) pairs and teams to complete projects. We will discuss the importance of collaboration and what it means to work together. 


    Grading is based on Classwork, Completion, and Quality of work.  (Independent Practice 50%, Quizzes 30%, Test 20%). Grades will be posted in PowerSchool. (Subject to change) 


    Most supplies will be provided.  Students will need a pencils, markers, glue, colored pencils, scissors, and a 1/2-inch binder or folder, with pockets -which can hold some loose leaf paper. Documents and assignments will be shared in Canvas.  Students will also need to bring a composition notebook to journal and record their observations.  


    Our classroom is called The Discovery Den-Bringing the Outside In!   We are hoping to interact with experts in various STEM careers and visit some places so the students can see current technology in action.  We may contact parents from time to time to help locate great speakers to share their knowledge in STEM.  


    Email:  Thompss3@gcsnc.com 

    Make sure you are connected with the REMIND App. 

    Let’s have a great year! 



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