• Hello!  I am Ms. Gurney and I teach 8th grade Language Arts.  This is my 13th year of teaching and this is my 8th year at JMS.  We will get to know each other throughout the year (virtually at first).  Please reach out frequently, ask questions, and give it your 100%. 


    In ELA, we will work through several thematic units where we explore concepts such as Truth, Utopia, Power, and Freedom.  We will analyze texts through the perspective of authors and readers.  We will determine the impact of each text on us as a reader and its implication on our lives around us.  We will study a variety of texts such as non-fiction, fiction, poetry, etc. and various genres.  Writing will also be a main focus as we analyze texts and communicate our ideas.  We will also study grammar and vocabulary expansion.  I will approach grammar and vocabulary as a way to help you with other reading and writing that you encounter.  


    Visit your ELA Canvas page for all class information, assignments, calendar, and announcements.  You will also find all helpful links and resources in our class Canvas page. 

    Ms. Gurney