• Hello Sumner Families! I am Bridget Hrinko-Smith. Although this is my first year at Sumner Elementary, I have been teaching for more than 20 years, all in Randolph County. I have always taught in elementary school and enjoy working with students of all ages. 

    As Sumner's Reading Specialist, I work with most grade levels by helping to support student learning in all aspects of reading. Not only do I work to help build foundational skills (letters and sounds, blending of letters and sounds, and sight words), but I also work to build vocabulary and comprehension.Some sites you  might find helpful include:

    Starfall- This site allows your child to review letters, sounds, and reading easy texts to more challenging texts.

    ReadWorks.org-This site allows you to download reading passages with questions.

    Storyline Online-This site shares wonderful books read by interesting people. You might find firefighters, actors, and politicians sharing their favorite stories. Also, don't forget to check out Sumner on Facebook. You will find stories read aloud by Sumner's principal and staff members.