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Mr. Jonel Howard

Thanks for coming to my page!

My name is Jonel T. Howard—born and raised in Iredell and Mecklenburg co. of North Carolina—and I am the Treasurer for Andrews High School.

I’ve had several years of experience working in finances and as office support even while I was attending school. I graduated from University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2015 with my Bachelor’s in Studio Art, and a concentration in New Media & Design. While in school, I worked in office support for various departments and interned with UNCG Online to enhance my graphic design skills and learn the ins and outs with online course development.

Some of my favorite paintings I’ve done are below. There are some paintings I’ve done hanging in my office as well. I have mixed passions; I enjoy working with numbers and finances and I love to do art. I thought Graphic Design would be my career path, however I found that I truly enjoy painting more nowadays and I should split my joy of art with my joy of number crunching. I choose to pursue a path into Accounting as my career choice now. I am currently going back to school for Accounting and I aspire to complete my Master’s in Accounting to become a CPA.

Helping others is a goal I aim to meet each day I receive the gift to see another day. And I hope that you can take some time today to help someone, whether it is with something small or achieving a long-term accomplishment! 

Feel free to email me if you have questions or inquiries relating to business or financials with the school!

School Accounting Procedures for Staff

picture of two cheetahs
painting of jars and vases