• I'm Mrs. Burch..

    Tutoring: Check with the FLEX Lunch schedule!

    I've been at Northwest since 2019, and I'm excited to be teaching English this year as well as Latin 2. I love diving into the nuances of languages and the complexities of the human experience through story telling.

    I hope this is going to be an awesome year of diving into grammar, art projects and so much more! I am a fangirl of science and a true humanities mind. I think most things are interconnected and can inform the other.  Comic books, anime, art, drawing and music are all just a few of my interests outside the classroom.

    I think its gonna be a great year!

    More information regarding classes and course requirements will be posted on the Course Canvas page which we will look at the start of school.

    My email is:  burche@gcsnc.com





Teacher Emily Burch!