• My schedule for this year is as follows: 

    1st period: Study Skills

    2nd period: English 1 - Co-teacher with Mrs. Laroque

    3rd period: English 1 - Co-teacher with Mrs. Laroque

    4th period: Literacy Studies

    5th period: Planning

    6th Period: Literacy Studies



    Individual Consults can be arranged on Fridays during Distance Learning.  Once we are back to in-person learning I will post my tutoring times.  


    All Quizlet Study Guides for my classes can be found on the "Helpful Resources" page and by joining my quizlet class via this link:  https://quizlet.com/join/ZzU3h6SqV



    Classroom Wish List: Tissues. Hand Sanitizer, #2 pencils, pencil-top erasers, bleach wipes, colored pencils


    Drama Club meeting times are TBD