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  • My Philosophy

    As a teacher, my personal philosophy is all students can and will learn at their own pace.  I teach in way that is engaging, thought-provoking, and motivating for all of my students.  I incorporate feelings of self-respect and self-efficacy so that students believe in their ability to succeed.  I believe I will be able to achieve these goals, despite the challenges I face on a daily basis.  The key to this is getting to know my students first and learning about the environments they come from.  My greatest challenge was to learn how to maximize learning potential-particularly in those students who lack the resources in their homes and come to school feeling helpless.  As an educator attempting to ensure everyone the same learning opportunities, I had to realize that certain students obviously needed greater assurances.  I strive to assure my students that they are safe at school, that not only me but other staff are concerned about them, and that they have the ability to master their destinies.  When students see that I, their teacher, believe in them only then will these students open themselves up to the rich, multifaceted learning opportunities that I am committed to providing.  My goal is to make available every resource in the hopes that students maximize their learning potential.  

    It is a necessity that I maintain a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning and encourages dialogue.  In my class the students often work in groups or with a partner in order to focus on communicative rather than a teacher-centered approach, thereby making room for individual expression. I know to be flexible and to adapt my teaching whenever necessary.  As an educator I am stern, not intimidating, establishing appropriate boundaries for behaviors inside the classroom.  A conducive learning environment has to be one of mutual respect. A sprinkling of humor and a willingness to laugh at myself and with the students goes a very long way.  My students realize I am human and we establish set guidelines at the beginning of the year and very seldom do we levitate from them.

                   Rather than becoming distracted by curriculum and similar educational issues, I maintain my teaching-focus, for the student's benefit, by adhering to those models that I have used before and seen them work for the benefit of the students.  I teach my curriculum in an engaging and motivating way, knowing that when students are engaged and motivated they are less likely to misbehave

                    Teaching is a learning experience in itself. I have learned to diversify my approach to teaching, incorporate new strategies when dealing with unusual students and various learning styles, and to communicate better every time I teach. I know now that every student has a story. I have learned to be devoted and dedicated to building engaging activities for my students.  I have learned to challenge myself to learn new things from my students and the experiences they bring into the classroom.  I must continue bettering myself so that I may continue to bridge the gap of communication.  In sum, my experience to date has had a profound effect on the way I plan to teach my future students. I am better able to identify my goals as a teacher, and strive for them in such a way that is seamlessly student-focused and maximizes learning potential.