• I am very pleased to be joining the SEMS Falcon team! This is my first year teaching at SEMS and I am looking forward to getting to know my students, and the community.

    I come to SEMS from Western Guilford, where I taught Drafting classes. I am a proud graduate of UNC Greensboro, and hold degrees in Business Education and Interior Architecture. When I am not at school I enjoy travelling, making art, and spending time with my husband. 

    The best way to reach me is through email at carpend2@gcsnc.com.  

    This year I will be teaching a course that is brand new to SEMS and to Guilford County. The course, Exploring Careers and Employment, is a place where students can learn about careers, and engage in hands-on activities that relate to those careers. To read more about the class, see the article below.

  • Please consider donating materials to the class. We need the following: 

    • Toy action figures, Legos, and items that can be used to create stop-motion animation
    • Modeling clay or Play-doh
    • Hot glue sticks
    • Small backdrop for stop-motion photography
    • Portable tabletop frame for robotics programming assignments
    • Cow’s Milk, Soy Milk, or Almond Milk (will be frozen for future use)
    • Bananas (will be frozen for future use)
    • Carnation Breakfast Essentials mix (used to be called “Instant Breakfast”)
    • Crisco
    • Sugar
    • Quart-size zipper storage bags
    • Screw-top plastic storage containers
    • Paper Towels
    • 8 or 12 oz. disposable cups
    • Tissues
    • Gift cards to Food Lion for consumable supplies
    • Parenting and child magazines
    • Interior design and architecture magazines
    • Old CDs
    • 9 volt, C, and D batteries
    • Ask me – we might be able to use lots of items for building and creating our projects!