• Guilford County Schools (GCS) wants every student to become involved in service-learning. GCS offers either of the following recognitions to students who dedicate time within their high school career to make an impact in the community.  The Service-Learning Exemplary Award is an honor a GCS high school student, who devotes a minimum of 100 hours of service-learning experience in their community over the course of their high school years, may receive upon graduation. The Service-Learning Diploma is a locally developed official recognition program designed to recognize high school students who are committed to serving their community. Students who complete 250 hours of service-learning experience over the course of their high school years will receive this certification upon graduation.

    View the Service-Learning Handbook here.

    Click here to setup your Service-Learning account for the first time. Type "Academy at Smith" as  the school name.

    The following service-learning opportunities have been opened for ALL students to receive hours while exercising Social Distancing.

    Click here  to see ONLINE SERVICE-LEARNING opportunities #1 & 2. 

    Click here to see ONLINE SERVICE-LEARNING opportunities #3 & 4. 

    Click here to go to the online Service-Learning Approval form.

    Go to www.x2VOL.comthe Service-Learning Hours Tracking System.

Service-Learning Students Volunteering at the Freshman Orientation Camp.