Service-Learning Students Volunteering at the Freshman Orientation Camp.
  • Guilford County Schools (GCS) wants every student to become involved in service-learning. GCS offers either of the following recognitions to students who dedicate time within their high school career to make an impact in the community.  The Service-Learning Exemplary Award is an honor a GCS high school student, who devotes a minimum of 100 hours of service-learning experience in their community over the course of their high school years, may receive upon graduation. The Service-Learning Diploma is a locally developed official recognition program designed to recognize high school students who are committed to serving their community. Students who complete 250 hours of service-learning experience over the course of their high school years will receive this certification upon graduation.

    COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to Covid-19, the thresholds for earning a Service-Learning Diploma or Award have been adjusted. The new thresholds are 192 for a Diploma and 77 for the Award. For more information see the GCS Service-Learning Covid-19 webpage located HERE.

    April 7, 2021 serves as the last day for seniors to submit hours.

    There is a new SL opportunity for students within Guilford County Schools. We are partnering with the Bullying Prevention Coordinator to create a bullying prevention service-learning project. Students who participate in the program will attend five sessions discussing bullying prevention and then will have the opportunity to create a bullying-prevention project. Students will be able to obtain upwards of 11 to 26 hours through this project. This project/opportunity is fully virtual. Sign up at: HERE.  Please reach out to Jacob Hicks ( ) with any questions you have! 

    Click HERE to go to the GCS Service-Learning website.

    View the Service-Learning Handbook here.

    Click HERE to set up your Service-Learning account for the first time. Type "Academy at Smith" as the school name.

    Go to www.x2VOL.comthe Service-Learning Hours Tracking System.

    Kindness for King is a way to promote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a beloved community by engaging students in the Triad in service to others.

    The following service-learning opportunities have been opened for ALL students to receive hours while exercising Social Distancing.  Ignore any reference to "Seniors", these opportunities are open to ALL students.

         Click HERE  for Online Service-Learning opportunities #1 & 2. 

         Click HERE for Online Service-Learning opportunities #3 & 4. 

         Click HERE for National Bullying Prevention Month opportunity Week 1

    Click HERE for National Bullying Prevention Month opportunity Week 2

    Click HERE for National Bullying Prevention Month opportunity Week 3

    Click HERE for National Bullying Prevention Month opportunity Week 4

            Under Local OpportunitiesSay Yes Guilford also has virtual opportunities available.