• Ms. Jemelyn Ching - EC Adaptive Teacher 

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Hello! I am Ms. Ching, an international teacher from the Philippines. This is my 3rd year teaching here in North Carolina. Despite the challenges that a teacher encounters everyday, especially currently, it has always been a pleasure for me to see my students learn and grow in their own little ways. I am proud as a teacher seeing my students learn in my class. I may not know everything all the time but it’s fun learning together with my students, discovering things as we work on our lesson. It may be about the lesson, about the culture of one another, about our strengths and weaknesses, or even our preference, likes and dislikes. Let's work hand in hand, never lose hope, and keep on believing that there is a bright future for all our students as long as we don't give up and help them reach their full potential.

Hello! Im Ms. Ching