Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • HVAC/R I

    This course is designed for students to develop basic HVAC terminology and technical aspects of HVAC with emphasis on the development of introductory skills to include Intro to HVAC, Trade Mathematics, Basic Electricity, Intro to Heating, Intro to Cooling, Intro to Air Distribution Systems, Basic Copper, and Plastic Piping Practices, Soldering, and Brazing, and Basic Carbon Steel Piping Practices.


    This course is designed for students to further develop skills mastered in HVAC I and provide an emphasis on Alternating Current, Compressors, Refrigerants and Oils, Leak Detection, Evacuation, Recovery, and Charging, Metering Devices, and Heat Pumps.

    The HVAC courses are taught by Anthony Virga.  Please click here to visit his website.