Science, Technology, Art, Music, Media and Physical Education

    Read below to find out what's happening in each of the special area classrooms!  



  • Mrs. Lambillotte, Technology Specialist

    March- Students will jump back into coding in a variety of different ways. Kindergarten and first grade students will begin working with Scratch Jr. Scratch Jr. teaches basic coding concepts but allows students more flexibility to make their own creations. We will work through tutorials to learn how to make characters move, and talk. At the end of March, students will create a project related to what they are learning in their classroom.  Second and third grade students will jump back into Code.org. Students will learn about important coding concepts such as loops and events.  Fourth and fifth grade students will learn the basics of Excel. We touched on this earlier in the year and now. Students will learn how to input information, use formulas to do simple calculations and create and interpret graphs.

    February- This month we took a break from our more technical work to explore some of the achievements of African American inventors. Students used websites to research an inventor, then would have to submit what they learned in a video response or written response on Canvas.  We will publish this information using various apps and websites such as Chatterpix, MyStory, Minecraft Edu and Flipgrid.

    January- Throughout January we worked on Code.org. Students were introduced to the basics of coding, such as knowing what an algorithm is, creating a program, finding bugs and debugging and showing persistence when something gets difficult. We will use these concepts over the coming months as we explore robotics and coding outside of our Code.org curriculum.

    November and December- Throughout the months of November and December I will jump to teaching coding. We will start by doing coding lessons on Code.org to learn the coding basics.  I will also implement some projects using scratch and scratch jr.

    October- We dove a little deeper into using apps and sites on our devices. Kindergarten and 1st grade learned how to access Typing Club and started doing some typing practice. This will continue as students need to become familiar with their keyboard. Students are always allowed to practice at home. To practice, they will login to NCEDCloud, tap Clever, tap Mrs. Lambillotte's technology page and tap Typing Club.  2nd and 3rd graders practiced editing a document.  We discussed font, size, color, bold, italics and underlining.  We used the Pages app to practice editing text.  4th Graders also discussed editing a document but we used Google Docs to create a table.  Students were able to create a table to help them keep track of what they ate as a part of their science unit.  5th graders were also exposed to Google Drive by introducing spreadsheets.  We will continue with spreadsheets and how to edit rows and columns, add data and use formulas.

    September- We spent much of September discussing Digital Citizenship.  Fourth and Fifth graders were required to complete a Canvas Course that gave detailed information on being a good digital citizen.  Students who completed their course early were allowed to participate in a Internet Safety Minecraft world. This was a breakout world in which students had to answer questions and find clues to escape a room and move on to the next room.  K-3 students completed Digital Citizenship lessons on Nearpod. Our three main focus areas were "choosing sites that are right for you", "private and personal information" and "being kind online". Students were also shown a video of how to care for their iPads and signed an iPad pledge promising to take care of their iPads correctly.  







  • Ms. Ward

    Art Specialist

    Happy Spring everyone!

    As you all know, we have moved to an online learning platform.

    In your student's Art Canvas course...

    I have posted a Greetings and Getting stARTed Introduction video :) 

    I have a "Contact, Resources & Ideas" assignment that includes my email, wardl3@gcsnc.com, and some videos/apps to keep students drawing

    (You do not have to submit any response to these assignments)

    I have started listing Assignments/Lessons for students. I want you to keep in mind, since students usually have Specials once a week, whenever I post an assignment students are NOT required to submit something the same day. I don't want to overwhelm you all since you have other classes to keep up with. 

    We are all swimming in uncharted territory here, so let's just be patient and positive with each other :) I am happy to hear any questions/concerns you may have, just send me an email.

    I look forward to beginning a Virtual Art journey with you all! Let's use our imaginations and have some fun :)


  • October-December 2022

    Mrs. Adams, Music Specialist

    This quarter, we are learning about pitch and melody in music class.  Pitch is how high or low a sound is.  Melody is a pattern of pitches that moves up, down, or repeats.  It can move by step or skip.  Students will play melodies on melodic percussion instruments and keyboards.  Students in grades 1-5 will practice reading standard notation for pitch.  Students in kindergarten will practice reading iconic notation for pitch.  Students in all grades will create melodies using the pitches they have learned.  

    Click here to compose your own melody and practice naming notes.


  • Mrs. Collins, Media Specialist


    Welcome Back Everyone!

    Destiny Discover  You can check out digital books, eBooks, anytime!  You will need your Student ID Number and your birthdate mm/dd/year to log in!



Physical Education

  • Mr. Rice, PE Specialist

    During the month of January we will focus on the sport of hockey. Please make sure you have what you need for class outside. If you have questions regarding PE please email me at riceb@gcsnc.com.  I live by this motto and my hope is you see it in me every day, “There is nothing GREATER than being a GATOR!” 

    Game On!