Science, Technology, Art, Music, Media and Physical Education

    Read below to find out what's happening in each of the special area classrooms!  


  • Mrs. Adams, Music Specialist

    Students are continuing to learn about melody in the month of November.  Students have practiced interpreting melodic notation and playing/singing melodies.  We are finishing the Melody Unit over the next couple of weeks by composing our own melodies.  Our next unit is Expression in music.  Students will learn how dynamics (loud/soft), tempo (speed), and articulation (smooth, choppy) affect the mood of a piece of music.  They will also learn to apply changes in expression to music through singing, playing, and creating music.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I’m very thankful to be teaching the children at General Greene each day! 

    Here are a couple of websites to practice and create melodies at home.


    https://www.classicsforkids.com/games.html (click “Compose Your Own Music”)


  • Ms. Baldwin, Science Specialist

    Ever wonder what happens in the science lab?  You can check us out on Instagram at #gatorslab.  Every week, I will post pictures/videos or you may even see a fun challenge.  This week be on the lookout for Galaxy Gator.  State Fair is Friday, October 4th.  Be sure to check your child’s folder for ways to help out.  Science Fair planners will be going out later this month in fourth and fifth grade.  In third grade we will be doing most of the project together, so they will not be receiving planners.  Science Olympiad is underway, letters or emails were sent home on Thursday for those students who applied.


  • Mrs. Lambillotte, Technology Specialist

    We will review the typing websites that are used for each grade level.  Each grade level uses a website that is harder than the year before. This allows students to build up their typing stamina.  If you would like to practice check out the websites below.

    Kinder– ABCya Keyboard Zoo

    First– Keyboard Climber

    Second and Third– Dance May Typing

    Fourth and Fifth– Typing.com

    ** 4th and 5th graders will need to login to this site with their student ID and regular school password.



  • Happy November :) Thank you to all those who have order items for our Art Fundraiser! Your keepsakes will be handed out to students the second week of December.

    There are a lot of exciting things happening in Art class!

    Kinders are using their cutting and gluing skills create zoo animal collages. 1st graders are learning about positive and negative space looking at artist Henri Matisse. Second graders are learning about still life and painting apples like Paul Cezanne. Our 3rd graders are creating large insect artworks with small groups, corellating with what they are learning in science. 4th graders are finishing up their scenes at the fair and will be collaborating with their classroom teachers for their Animal book projects. We will sketch their chosen animals and then use digital art software to create images with the help of a GG parent. Our 5th graders have looked at artist David Gilhooly and created exaggerated and out of the ordinary sandwich collages. 5th graders are now using their prior knowledge of studying theme and supporting details in ELA and applying it to analyzing artworks and interpreting the theme.

    Thanks for all your support!

    Ms. Ward, Art Specialist


  • Mrs. Collins, Media Specialist


    Greene Gators in Grades 3-5 had the opportunity to use the robotic ball, Sphero, in the media center while focusing on Internet Safety! The Spheros were on loan from the Library Media Services Department.   Mrs. Collins attended the Library Media Services Digital Leader Day and learned how to incorporate this technology into library instruction!  Look out for a Spheros Donors Choose Project from Mrs. Collins so we may purchase a set of Spheros for our school!

    Our younger gators, grades K-1, learned about Internet Safety using these props: toothpaste, toothbrush, and a padlock.   Be sure to ask your K-1 student why these items were in our "Digital Safety Kit."

    Students in second grade learned about Internet Safety through videos, a card sorting game and using our non-fiction books to learn about the Internet and text features.

Physical Education

  • Mr. Rice, PE Specialist

    For the month of November, we will continue with throwing and catching focusing on social games and outdoor throwing (examples would be horse shoes, frisbees, and corn hole). Thank you for your support and please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I live by this motto and my hope is you see it in me every day, “There is nothing GREATER than being a GATOR!”