Science, Technology, Art, Music, Media and Physical Education

    Read below to find out what's happening in each of the special area classrooms!  


  • Mrs. Adams, Music Specialist

    Students in K, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades are learning about texture and harmony in music.  Students will listen to, analyze, create, and perform music of varying textures.  Students in 2nd, 4th, and 5th, will sing in harmony using a melodic ostinato, partner songs, rounds, and/or part-singing.  Students will accompany songs by playing chords on xylophones and/or ukuleles. 

    For visual examples of musical texture, click the following link.


    For practice creating songs of varying texture, click the following link.


    Third-grade students are preparing music for a PTA performance.  On March 10, 2020, they will present the musical Discovery by Teresa Jennings.  The performance will follow the PTA meeting which will begin at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria. 

    First-grade students are just beginning to work on music for a PTA performance.  On May 12, 2020, they will present music related to American Explorers since they will be learning about explorers, pioneers, and the American frontier in Social Studies.  The performance will follow the PTA meeting which will begin at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria.   

    We hope many will come out to support our third-grade students in March and our first-grade students in May. 


  • Ms. Baldwin, Science Specialist

    Ever wonder what happens in the science lab?  You can check us out on Instagram at #gatorslab.  Every week, I will post pictures/videos or you may even see a fun challenge.  This week be on the lookout for Galaxy Gator.  State Fair is Friday, October 4th.  Be sure to check your child’s folder for ways to help out.  Science Fair planners will be going out later this month in fourth and fifth grade.  In third grade we will be doing most of the project together, so they will not be receiving planners.  Science Olympiad is underway, letters or emails were sent home on Thursday for those students who applied.


  • Mrs. Lambillotte, Technology Specialist


    Mrs. Lambillotte is on her flexible schedule for most of February which means that classes will go to Media but Mrs. Lambillotte will push into classrooms to do a variety of technology projects that wouldn't necessarily be able to be completed in the lab. The focus of this flex time has mainly been on coding and programming. We have many coding resources available. Check out the list below to see what some classes are doing.

    Kinders are learning about the Coding Mouse and will learn how to use Education Galaxy

    First Graders are creating their own reading center story by recording themselves reading a short text. Mrs. Lambillotte will put it all together to make a class story that can be listened to in the listening center of their classrooms.

    Second graders are researching animals as a part of their science unit. They will then use this material to learn how to create a PowerPoint.

    Fourth graders have programed the Dash robots to roll down a timeline and tell different key events of the Civil war. 

    Fifth graders will be programming the Ozobots to make their way through an obstacle course they've built representing the different challenges that Auggie faces in the book Wonder.


  • Happy February to everyone!

    Our Kinders have been creating mixed media artworks of winter trees, using painting techniques, drawing patterns, and cutting and pasting shapes.

    Our 1st graders have created mixed media snow globes that feature very small collage designs inside along with painted falling snow. We are starting Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and students will create their own Cartouche's with their initials.

    Our 2nd graders have created mixed media Personified Penguins. We read Tacky the penguin and painted penguins adding fictional details with scrapbook papers.

    Our 3rd graders have been creating cityscape collages and have gained an understanding of the foreground, middle ground, and background in an artwork.

    Our 4th graders are working birch tree artworks. We are using a tape-resist method and using watercolors learning to blend colors and show shadows.

    Our 5th graders have been painting unique, symbolic trees inspired by Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life artwork. We are using colorful along with metallic paints to embellish their artworks.


  • Mrs. Collins, Media Specialist


    During the Winter Break, I encourage students to participate in the Holiday Reading Challenge! 

    Winter Break Reading Contest - #GCSReads30
    The holidays are here and we want to encourage our kids to keep their reading going for GCS Reads 30 on Break. Students use the log to record their daily minutes read at home over the winter break. When the break ends, they will return the parent/guardian signed form to Mrs.Collins for an opportunity to win prizes. Students must read at least 300 minutes to qualify for the prizes!  Return the reading log by January 13th to Mrs. Collins.
    • Students (K-12) to be entered to win an iPad mini


Physical Education

  • Mr. Rice, PE Specialist

    For the month of February, we will focus on our hearts with skills being developed in jump rope and hula hooping. Kids Heart Challenge donations are due February 21 - thank you so much in advance for your support! I live by this motto and my hope is you see it in me every day, “There is nothing GREATER than being a GATOR!”