Science, Technology, Art, Music, Media and Physical Education

    Read below to find out what's happening in each of the special area classrooms!  


  • January

    Mrs. Adams, Music Specialist


    This month in music class, students will be learning about tone color: the special sound each voice or instrument makes.  Students will classify instruments and voices.  Students will also learn about various styles of music as we listen to different instruments and voices from around the world.  


  • Ms. Baldwin, Science Specialist

    I miss everyone so much! 

    I am enjoying this beautiful weather and hope you are too.  Visit a trail, play or explore your backyard or observe the insects found in a grassy patch in the parking lot (with your parent's supervision).  You could also try your hand at gardening, it is fun to watch and you don't need much space.  I have even used an egg crate to start green beans.  

    I know you are probably wondering what to do now that we are not at school.  I have updated my website so that it has virtual field trips to zoos, aquariums and more.  There are also some cool animal cams and science kid podcasts.

    Have you seen our new posts on Social Media?  Our Instagram handle is @Gatorslab and our Youtube channel is GatorsLab, Ms. Baldwin.  Both of these platforms will be updated once a week.  

    Canvas: I know that learning at home is not as fun but I am learning new and fun ways to share science with you at home.  I have added a few assignments, one on pets and another on the American Alligator.  If you are a third through fifth-grader, I have also assigned LegendsofLearning.com activities.  (Just make sure you choose "Play at School" or you will be sent to free play.)

    More will be coming soon but I will send information with your classroom teacher.  

    Wash your hands, cover your mouth, be kind to others and have a great week!



  • Mrs. Lambillotte, Technology Specialist



    Welcome back to Virtual Technology. Mrs. Collins and I will be sharing a Canvas page and rotating weeks that we teacher lessons. No need to worry though, just "show up" in our class on the right week and the instructions will be there. Beginning September 14th all specialists will be doing some live lessons. Again don't worry about knowing when! Just show up on our page at your specials time provided by your homeroom teacher, if there is a live lesson being held then a Teams link will be accessible. If not then a recorded lesson will be available.  We are looking forward to "seeing" families again!


  • Ms. Ward

    Art Specialist

    Happy Spring everyone!

    As you all know, we have moved to an online learning platform.

    In your student's Art Canvas course...

    I have posted a Greetings and Getting stARTed Introduction video :) 

    I have a "Contact, Resources & Ideas" assignment that includes my email, wardl3@gcsnc.com, and some videos/apps to keep students drawing

    (You do not have to submit any response to these assignments)

    I have started listing Assignments/Lessons for students. I want you to keep in mind, since students usually have Specials once a week, whenever I post an assignment students are NOT required to submit something the same day. I don't want to overwhelm you all since you have other classes to keep up with. 

    We are all swimming in uncharted territory here, so let's just be patient and positive with each other :) I am happy to hear any questions/concerns you may have, just send me an email.

    I look forward to beginning a Virtual Art journey with you all! Let's use our imaginations and have some fun :)


  • Mrs. Collins, Media Specialist


    During April we will celebrate National School Library Month!

    It is our mission to get books in the hands of our students using a low contact book delivery system.

    Check out this video to learn how students can use the Destiny Catalog to search for their favorite books and ebooks!



Physical Education

  • Mr. Rice, PE Specialist

    Welcome back to Virtual PE. We started off with three weeks of rolling. Now for weeks 4,5,6, we will be focused on the skill of underhand throwing. Then for weeks 7,8,9, we will be focused on the skill of overhand throwing. At that point, we will wait and see where the road takes us. If you have questions regarding virtual PE lessons please email me at riceb@gcsnc.com.  I live by this motto and my hope is you see it in me every day, “There is nothing GREATER than being a GATOR!” 

    Game On!