• ¡Hola a todos! ¿Cómo están? ¿Bien? ¿Estresados? ¿Perdidos? Whatever you are feeling right now, know that it is OK. These are some very unique times we are experiencing and so we have to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves.

    A little about myself. I am 40-years-old and married to an amazing woman Andrea and we have two kids Jude (5-years-old) and Stella (3-years-old). I have been teaching Spanish for 16 years at High Point Central. I have lived Mexico and Peru for a bit and have had the privilege to travel to other Spanish speaking countries as well. It is my time abroad that has really given me a passion for the language and culture. The world is vast and amazing, and I hope you will get the opportunity to truly experience it.

    Well here we go. All I ask is that you try your best and that you have patience not only for me as your teacher but for yourself as well. Please feel free to reach out with anything that you need.