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    Mr. Thomas Hefner



    2022 - 2023 Schedule

    1st Semester

    1st Block - Chemistry 1 Honors

    2nd Block - Chemistry 1 Honors  

    3rd Block - Chemistry 1 Honors  

    4th Block - Planning

    2nd Semester

    1st Block - Earth/Environmental Science Honors

    2nd Block - Earth/Environmental Science Honors  

    3rd Block - Planning

    4th Block - Physics Honors


  • This is my 30th year teaching about about the 26th year teaching in Guilford County Schools. My specialty is physics but chemistry is a close second in classes I enjoy teaching and the labs for both classes are fun. Being on the UNCG campus is extra special due to the fact that chemistry does many labs in the new Nursing Instructional Building and I work closely with the UNCG Chemistry and Biochemistry Department to carry out these labs. Physics does a few labs in Petty using equipment from the UNCG Physics and Astronomy Department. Outside of the classroom I am currently the state President of the North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers and also serve as the Secretary of the Greensboro Astronomy Club. I have my BS in Physics-Secondary Education from Appalachian State University.


    *All assignments are posted on Canvas.