• The following Standard Mode of Dress will be required for all students. When shopping for school clothes, please follow these guidelines. Pay close attention to fabrics. No form-fitting garments that may cause distractions will be allowed.

SMOD Colors

  • Each grade level is assigned a color for shirts and other tops.

    8th grade color is Gray.

    7th grade color is Black.

    6th grade color is Geen.


    Pants may be denim, black, grey, tan, navy, or blue.

examples of acceptable SMOD shirts
examples of acceptable SMOD pants

SMOD Tops and Jackets

  • Shirts:

    • can be short or long sleeved
    • must be in a solid color
  • Outerwear:

    • must be in the grade level color
    • must be solid in color
    • must be worn over an approved shirt
  • Pants/Skirts:

    • should be black, grey, tan, navy, or blue
    • shorts, skirts and skorts should be finger-tip length
    • must be worn at the waist at all times and not be too baggy or too tight
    • must be solid in color 
    • Form fitting spandex material, Nylon, oversized pants, stripes or patterns, jumpsuits/overalls, clothing with holes, cut-up or cut-off shorts, sweat pants, joggers, pajama pants, leggings or jeggings are not allowed. Pants may not be tucked into socks.
    • Leggings may only be worn under pants. Pants with tears or holes can only be worn over leggings.
    • Belts may be worn with clothing that has belt loops. Chain belts are not allowed.
    • Flip flops, slides, and slippers are not allowed.
    • Clothing should not create distractions. Students should not wear immodestly open shirts, low-cut tops, or hip-hugging pants, capris, skirts or shorts.

    During the school day:

    • Hats, any headgear, and non-prescription glasses are special forms of outerwear that must be removed upon entering the school building.
    • blankets, do-rags, scarves, and bandannas are not allowed.



    8th Grade is Gray, 7th Grade is Black, 6th Grade is Green