• School Leadership Team Members

    • Mrs. Stephanie Rakes        Principal 
    • Aja Thomas                      Counselor, Leadership Chair
    • Natalie Hopkins                 Multi-Classroom Leader Representative 
    • Mary Fuller                       Pre-K Representative 
    • Conella McCain                 Kindergarten Representative 
    • Alyson Clementons           Grade 2 Representative
    • Megan Coeburn                Grade 3 Math Representative 
    • Hailey O'Brien                  Grade 5  Reading Representative
    • Annie Benson                   Support Staff Representative  
    • Liza Lopez                       Classified Representative 
    • Lisa Jones                        EC Representative 
    • Kizzy Robinson                 Parent Representative 


    NCSTAR for Parents 

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    Use this login with staff, school board, parents and others for access to leadership and school information. 


    Guest Login: GuestS16440 

    Password: GuestS16440 


    Leadership Team Meeting Dates: 

    August 14th 2021

    October 12th 2021

    November 9th 2021 

    December 7th 2021 

    January 11th 2022

    February 8th 2022 

    March 8th 2022

    April 5th 2022

    May 10th 2022

    June 1st 2020