Mrs. Nicole Hill Avery



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Nicole Hill Avery

Mrs. Nicole Hill Avery is the administrative and professional leader of the school, and as such, she is directly responsible to the Superintendent for its successful operation. Mrs. Avery’s major effect of being the principal at Frazier Elementary is in the field of educational leadership and supervision, with stress on the improvement of teaching and learning.

Mrs. Avery plays a role in the student discipline at Frazier Elementary School. Mrs. Avery also developed a system of consequences for misbehavior that is in line with school district policies. Mrs. Avery plays a lead role in implementing discipline, encouragement, and overall student success.

Mrs. Avery has developed and implemented an effective instructional program appropriate to the pupils in her school.  She has given careful attention to the supervision of teachers and other instructional personnel working in the school, including both full and part-time personnel.

Mrs. Avery has taught elementary school for five years.  She was a middle school administrator for nine years.  Mrs. Avery has been at Frazier Elementary since 2012.