• Fall 2020 Courses: Advanced Theatre (H)/Proficient Theatre (H); Beginning Theatre; Speech and Debate/Speech and Debate (H)

    Teaching and Learning Modes:

     Mutual learning approach: Mutual learning emphasizes the shared values of transparency, curiosity, informed choice, accountability and compassion, creating a powerful foundation for collaborative success. This approach also emphasizes that we all learn in our shared settings: teachers learn from and about their students as students explore both content and our social environment. We are all in this together.

    Experiential education: Experiential education relies on both doing and thinking. Students are provided experiential opportunities as a function of both collaborative and individual work in all of my classes. Experiences gain value through participation and reflection: we do things to experience them and reflect upon our own learning processes. This is where the risk-taking and real adventure happens!

    Critical thinking and analysis: Students will engage in deep analysis, supported by our mutual learning approach, to create understanding and meaning related to their lived experiences. There is power in critically thinking about what we are doing and how we do it. Students will analyze, evaluate and critique their participation as well as that of their colleagues and the instructor, to develop or refine their own higher order thinking skills. 


    Each of the approaches are based on values of bringing everyone together to engage in knowledge-making. Students are reminded of mutual learning values and encouraged to participate as both their ability and comfort dictate. Modifications and adjustments are made to assignments, delivery and deadlines in accordance with local, state and federal law.

    If you have any immediate needs, please feel free to contact me via email at aguiarj@gcsnc.com or phone at (646) 430-4315. These are the quickest and most reliable methods of communication. Thank you!

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